The Hop Concept Mosaic and Eureka India Pale Ale

Press Release

San Marcos, CA, -- Mosaic and Eureka, releasing for only the second time, continues The Hop Concept’s exploration into partnering select hops together.

Two heavyweights with complex flavors meet heading in the latest Hop Concept IPA. Mosaic, probably one of the most aptly named hops fuses an array of tropical fruits, citrus and berry with mild herbal, earthy, and pine characteristics. Heady Eureka hops emphasize heavy pine, underlined by mild floral notes and rounded out with dank aromas.

“Mosaic is a personal favorite of mine, so getting to pair it with Eureka got me excited to be able to not only brew, but drink this again,” Steve Burchill, Head Brewer for The Hop Concept said. “The batch of Mosaic hops we’ve been working with this year have been crushing it, so we let that hop lead the charge.”

Mosaic and Eureka IPA will be available throughout The Hop Concept/ Lost Abbey/ Port Brewing Distribution network beginning the first week of August.

About Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey / The Hop Concept
Founded in 2006, The Lost Abbey produces an extensive line-up of continental and American- inspired ales and lagers. Under the direction of visionary brewmaster and co-founder Tomme Arthur, the brewery has garnered dozens of awards including the 2007 Great American Beer Festival Small Brewery of the Year, The 2008 world Beer Cup Champion Small Brewery and the 2013 Champion Brewery at the San Diego International Beer Festival. The company’s beers, many of which are aged in oak barrels for 12 months or longer, are universally recognized for their complexity, unique flavors and bold boundary-pushing styles. For more information, contact Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey / The Hop Concept at 155 Mata Way, Suite 104, San Marcos, CA 92069, telephone (800) 918-6816, and on the web at

image courtesy The Hop Concept in San Marcos, California

image courtesy The Hop Concept in San Marcos, California