Boundary Bay Citraweisse

In it’s third year of existence, Citraweisse is now in cans! A mildly tart kettle-soured brew created with sustainability and local agriculture in mind, this beer is incredibly sessionable and cautions of summer adventures ahead!

The road to Citraweisse was uncharted for Boundary Bay Brewery.  Setting out to experiment with varied microbes in search of new flavors, we split a portion off from Steady as She Gose prior to adding seawater, (Steady as She Gose is a Gose-style beer created with seawater deep from the Salish Sea,) and dry-hopped it with Citra to become Citraweisse.

To create the refreshing, tart flavor of Citraweisse, we add a house blend of Lactobacillus we call ‘Sourpuss’, a special combination of cultures used in each of our sour beers*. Sourpuss includes sourdough culture from Breadfarm, bacteria from Gothberg Farm’s Yogurt, and microbes cultured from aged beer**. Paying homage to our early years in brewing, and embarking on a new leg of the journey, Citraweisse soon became our first seasonal kettle-sour brew.

With interest in something new and exciting, people seemed to take to Citraweisse in its first year. So, we brewed it again. This time, a full batch! Finding so many reasons to enjoy this beer in the sunshine during it’s second season, it was obvious to us. We needed this beer in cans!....continuing reading here!

image courtesy Boundary Bay Brewing Company

image courtesy Boundary Bay Brewing Company