Great Divide Nadia Kali Hibiscus Saison
To create this beer, Great Divide's brewers started with the idea of creating a summer saison. They wanted to make a beer that stands out and that meant getting creative with fruits and spices.

"A summer saison was pitched to the brewers, and we were asked to come up with ideas to make it stand out," said Jacob Johnson, Great Divide Brewing Company brewer. "Eventually, after some initial tests we found we really liked how hibiscus added a new range of color and floral flavor, and ginger spiced up the beer to give it a spritziness that was both refreshing and bold. To round it all out, lemon peel was added as a dry spice to take it over the top and right into summertime."

When deciding on a name and a new icon for this beer, Great Divide wanted to pay homage to the cultures where hibiscus is the most culturally and historically significant. Including imagery that reflects the light, welcoming, enticing nature of the beer was also a focus in choosing the colors and scenery.

"This is ultimately a beer fit for all seasons," said Johnson. "It is very versatile but is especially suited for summer with the amount of juicy, fruity aroma and flavor that makes it such a refreshing beer. It is backyard ready but can be enjoyed on a cool summer's night as well."