Samuel Adams Summer Ale
Celebrating its 21st beer-day this summer, Sam Adams Summer Ale was first brewed back in 1996 and quickly became one of Sam Adams’ most award-winning (76 to be exact) beers and a favorite among drinkers. Summer wouldn’t be the same without this thirst-quenching brew.

Summer Ale is an American wheat ale that balances bright, citrusy Noble hops and peppery spice and is brewed in the Hefeweizen tradition, with wheat malt to create a crisp mouthfeel. The combination of Hallertau Mittelfrueh and Saaz Noble hops, lemon peel and the African pepper, Grains of Paradise, gives Summer Ale its crisp, citrus character and peppery bite.

Pairing with Food: Sam Adams Summer Ale’s sweet malt notes      complement many classic summer dishes such as grilled corn and baked clams. The brew’s crispness balances the buttery richness of a classic summer seafood like a lobster roll. Enjoy Summer Ale with desserts such as peaches and caramel or with Key Lime pie.