Samuel Adams Tropic of Yuzu
Take a sip of an exotic brew this summer with Sam Adams Tropic of Yuzu, for an unforgettably unique summer drinking experience. The brewers infused yuzu, an extremely aromatic and rare Japanese fruit, into this seasonal brew for a citrusy punch with hints of tangerine and grapefruit.

Tropic of Yuzu is a wheat ale with a bold, tropical juiciness of yuzu balanced by the pepperiness of Grains of Paradise and a touch of Noble hops.

In Japan, yuzu’s distinct taste is used to flavor and color a variety of culinary dishes and is often combined with sugar and honey to create a syrup used in tea. 

Pairing with Food: This brew’s distinct flavors complement dishes such as sushi, shrimp spring rolls and citrus marinated swordfish. For a sweet finale to a great meal, Tropic of Yuzu can be enjoyed with cheesecake squares or fruit cake with fresh whipped cream.