Silvercity Brewing presents MXPX Secret Weapon Left Coast Common
"In our earliest meetings, before we had even settled on a style, we determined two goals," notes brewery PR rep Dan Frantz, "First, the beer had to be a thirst quencher-- hot and sweaty punk rock shows demand a cold and crisp beer with a reasonably light body. Second, the beer still had to be full-flavored. The MXPX band members are true craft beer fans, and tend to enjoy beers that have a solid malt presence, so we incorporated a special blend of seven malts along with some traditional German hops for a crisp finish."

Hops: Hersbrucker, Saa
Malts: NW Pale, Munich, Vienna, Flaked Barley, Caramel Malt, Chocolate Malt, Carapil
IBU's: 3
ABV: 5.7%