Atwood Ales Raccoon Bacchanal Sour Ale w/ Grapes

Many years, our small, grapes crop is decimated in a single night by a mysterious group of raccoons, who leave behind only muddy footprints on the grape trellises. This beer's mild tartness is created by a blend of Lactobacillus bacteria cultured from yogurt, and the acidity, aromas and flavors will also continue to evolve over time due to the presence of wild yeast and bacteria from the grape skins. Dry hopping with Hallertau Blanc adds additional layers of white grape, gooseberry and mild tropical fruit to the aroma and flavor. Brewed with 100% Skagit Valley Malt.

Pairings: salads w/ vinagrette, fried chicken, calamari, ceviche; goat & blue cheese; fruit compote, cheesecake, plum upside down cake

4.8% ABV | - IBU

Available in 750ml bottle conditioned bottles