Samuel Adams White Christmas

The Sam Adams brewers took a different approach to the traditional holiday brew with White Christmas. Instead of a hearty, malty beer, this unfiltered White Ale is inspired by the season and brewed with cinnamon, nutmeg, and orange peel to create a flavorful, yet refreshing brew. A festive and flavorful change of pace, this beer is a great choice for holiday gatherings with friends and family.

The combination of wheat, German pilsner malts and two-row pale malt blend creates a medium-bodied brew with citrusy orange flavors that balance the spicy cinnamon and earthy nutmeg notes. Spalt Spalter Noble hops contribute a subtle lemon character. At 5.8% ABV, this brew pours a hazy pale golden and has a crisp finish. 

Pairing with Food: The versatility of White Christmas provides a pairing option for every holiday meal. The crisp, wheat malt and spicy character complement lighter dishes like seared scallops or a salad with cranberries and goat cheese. The beer’s cinnamon and nutmeg help to contrast richer entrees like duck, baked ham or risotto Finally, the beer’s spices  balance the sweetness of seasonal sweet brunch dishes like cinnamon French toast and gingerbread pancakes, as well as desserts like Yule logs, pumpkin cheesecake and fruit tarts.

5.8% | 8 IBU