Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock
Sam Adams brewers combined two of life’s greatest indulgences – beer and chocolate –  to create Chocolate Bock. Smooth, rich and dark, this brew is slowly aged on a bed of cocoa nibs sourced from Madagascar, Ghana and Ecuador. This proprietary blend provides notes of chocolate, honey and vanilla. Decadent and robust, it’s the chocolate and beer lover’s choice to celebrate the holiday season. 

Chocolate Bock’s upfront flavor of fresh milk chocolate is followed by underlying notes of roasted coffee and a hint of vanilla, resulting in a velvety, creamy mouthfeel and lingering chocolatey finish.

Pairing with Food: A spot-on choice for the holidays, Chocolate Bock’s dark roastiness and chocolate undertones enrich the roasted, savory flavors of braised short ribs or duck. Chocolate Bock is best enjoyed with desserts like Crème Brule and tiramisu.

5.8% | 11 IBU