Maritime Pacific Regatta Series IPA Rotten DINGHY

Our latest Regatta Series IPA again pays tribute to the lowly, forgotten, sometimes neglected boat tender, the “Rotten DINGHY”. The dinghy that hauls people and supplies (when it’s floating) to and from the main ship, a workhorse that is rarely treated with the respect it deserves. We salute you,

 “Rotten DINGHY”! The Latest installment in this IPA series is FULL of SHIP. As a whimsical name we felt that FULL of SHIP is the perfect name for our next Rotten Dinghy Class IPA, because it pretty much has everything:It’s Hazy, Hoppy and Big.FULL of SHIP is a NW Style dry-hopped IPA, brewed with all
Simcoe and Centennial hops.

8.0% ABV | 80 IBU