Mt. Hood Timberline Tucker Double IPA
MT. HOOD BREWING CO. - TIMBERLINE TUCKER DOUBLE IPA The Timberline Tucker Double IPA celebrates innovation in Oregon hop growing and the Mt. Hood Brewing Co.’s long time relationship with Timberline Lodge. A heaping dose of Oregon State’s latest aroma variety hop, Strata (formerly X-331), is used to brew the Timberline Tucker. At this point, Strata is only being grown in very small quantities. Timberline Lodge and the Mt. Hood Brewing Co. supports Oregon State’s breeding research to develop new varieties with interesting qualities by showcasing this promising hop. Oregon State is doing stellar work with this project. The Tucker Snowcat, an iconic image that has been associated with the lodge for many decades, is worthy of the label. The classic machine embodies the rugged, harsh conditions of Mt. Hood but also the playful nature of the mountain. Timberline Tucker Double IPA is a massive punch of grapefruit and pine, with a solid platform of rich malt to balance. Available in cans and on tap, Timberline Tucker can be enjoyed at the Mt. Hood Brewing Co. in Government Camp and at the Y’Bar and Phlox Point Cabin at Timberline Lodge.