Jewbelation 21® -- Dark American Strong Ale
Mazel Tov -- it's a big beautiful bouncing barelywine! Shmaltz's 14th version of its acclaimed seasonal Anniversary offering Jewbelation® essentially stands as a triple brown ale. Pouring a dense mocha head, the color spans deep maroon to dark ruby. Flavors of this massive complex malt bill overflow with dark fruits -- bing cherry, raisins, currants, and figs. Pronounced notes of pumpernickel and dark chocolate, coffee roast and cherry wood dance with pounds and pounds of hops leading with citrus and stone fruit up front melding into a grassy earthiness on the finish. Rising to a hefty 12.1% ABV, the alcohol feels more warming and welcoming than its percentage might suggest. A very complex anniversary ale worthy of being part of the Jewbelation® family. 

12.10% ABV | - IBU

image courtesy Shmaltz Brewing Company