Hailing from Bend, 10 Barrel Brewing has released their first in a series of limited edition beers.

"You like the new beers and we have short attention spans so here we go. We'll keep putting new beers into this bottle until we get bored or run out of good beers. It could be 1 or 50 beers. You guess is as good as ours!"

image of 10 Barrel Brewing Co Beer No. 1 courtesy the brewery

Starting this month, the brewery has released Cherry Tart, with the label Beer NO. 1. Beer NO. 1 is described as a "... brown ale brewed with six different specialty malts, soured in the mash and aged on tart cherries post fermentation creating this layered sour that's hard to brew and easy to crush".

Look for this beer in 22 ounce bottles and limited draft, throughout the Pacific Northwest (Idaho, Oregon, and Washington). Following this release, the brewery will distribute additional beers, every few weeks.

About 10 Barrel Brewing Co.

10 Barrel Brewing Co. is a Bend, OR based brewery with one simple mindset… brew beer, drink beer and have fun doing it. They currently distribute Apocalypse IPA, O.G. Wheat IPA, Sinistor Black Ale, Swill American Radler and Small Tank Rotational 22oz bottle in OR, ID and WA. For more information check out www.10barrel.com or get social at fb.com/10barrelbrewingco and @10barrelbrewing on instagram and twitter.