Washington Beer Commission announces the draft list, featuring 40 craft breweries, at this year's Inland NW Craft Beer Festival

Washington Beer Commission announces the draft list, featuring 40 craft breweries, at this year's Inland NW Craft Beer Festival

Press Release

The Inland NW Craft Beer Festival, produced by the Washington Beer Commission, is proud to announce the beer list for this 10th Anniversary craft beer tasting taking place on Friday, September 20th, 4pm to 9pm, and Saturday, September 21st, from noon to 6pm.

This will be the event's sixth year at Avista Stadium, home of the Spokane Indians minor league baseball team. Friday night will be for 21 years and older, the family friendly Saturday session features a kids play area with bouncy houses on the green grass down the right field line.

Included in the 175+ craft beer selections lined up along the outfield wall, there will be a dozen or more "Fresh Hop" beers, fresh brewed from this year's hop harvest for a very distinct and satisfying flavor for hops lovers. There will also be live music from the stage near second base and five terrific food truck selections to choose from as well.

Tickets are just $20 in advance and $25 at the door. Admission includes a commemorative tasting glass and your first eight 4 oz. sample tastes. Additional tastes a only $2 each or three additional tastes for $5. Online tickets and complete event details at washingtonbeer.com.

Here are the 40 Craft Breweries and their 180 unique and tasty selections for the weekend:

509 Bierwerks-Wenatchee

1) Brew Ha Ha IPA (ABV 6.2% / IBU 80)

Brew Ha Ha IPA is a homage to a benchmark of the American IPA style. It’s brewed in a

traditional Northwest style; American base malt and crystal malt create the big body and

supporting grainy sweetness, while Jarrylo® and Mosaic® hops deliver pronounced tropical

citrus aroma and flavor. In the glass you get a pale amber color, hop intensity and malt.

Spicy stone fruit, tropical citrus and great malt backbone make this a well balanced IPA .

2) #14 Nut Brown (ABV 6.1% / IBU 32)

Styled after southern English brown ales, our Nut Brown is a great all-around beer. It’s mild

enough for light beer drinkers, but characterful enough for more experienced craft beer

lovers. The finished product exhibits a deep copper color, fruit/caramel flavor and aroma

with toasty, chocolatey notes and a hint of coffee.

3) 509 Fest Bier (ABV 6.0% / IBU 22)

Moderately high malt flavor presenting soft sweetness basic to Pilsner malt with an added

hint of light toast. Hop bitterness brings slight balancing to the malt, while flavor is spicy, and

herbal. Clean lager character.

4) Local Local Fresh Hop IPA (ABV 5.9% / IBU 60)

Our once a year fresh (wet) hop beer brewed within hours of being picked in Lake Chelan.

Pacific Northwest Style Fresh Hop IPA made with glutinous amounts of fresh (wet) Chinook.

Very full and complex spectrum of hop aromas and flavors including; citrusy, piney, and

herbal. Good strong bitterness and balanced with a Carmel malt finish.


Bale Breaker Brewing-Yakima

1) Golden Grit IPA (ABV 6.6% / IBU 60)

Out here in hop country, we turn grit into gold. Featuring experimental hop HBC 630.

For four generations, we've relied on grit and perseverance to thrive in a challenging desert

landscape. To celebrate, we created our IPA Rotator Series, a collection of hop-packed beers,

each representing a unique characteristic of life in Yakima's hop country.

2) Dormancy Breakfast Stout (ABV 6.8% / IBU 50)

Who says Bale Breaker only does hoppy? Conditioned on locally-roasted coffee

beans by Yakima's Lincoln Avenue Coffee Co, this rich, dark brew reminds us that good things

still happen while hop fields lay dormant in the off-season.

3) Irieshun Hazy IPA (ABV 7.4% / IBU 70)


Bardic Brewing–Spokane Valley

1) Mountain Girl, Fresh Hopped IPA (ABV 8.7% / IBU 112)

A variation on our rich and malty ESB, this fresh-hopped IPA includes literal buckets of our

house-grown Cascade hops! The overwhelming citrus aroma and flavor is kept in check,

however, by the rich malt flavor. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

2) Poirot, Belgian Strong Dark (ABV 10.8% / IBU 35)

This dark and mysterious twist on the classic Belgian style is an adventure! It is a rich golden

brown, and your nose is immediately treated to a complex aroma of spices, banana, fig, and

sweetness. Slightly drier than our other beers, the flavor still has a gentle maltiness to

compliment the caramelized fruit and savory spice. The heat from the ethanol is more

pronounced here, as you would expect from the weighty 10.8% ABV inside!

3) Health Potion, Strawberry Hibiscus Hard Cider (ABV 6.4%)

Every health potion, from every video game or role-playing game you have ever played, right

in your glass! This amazing mix of strawberry and hibiscus is a bright and fruity treat,

displaying the full flavor of strawberries, highlighted with the bright tartness of hibiscus tea.

4) Old Books, English Barleywine, (SAT) (ABV 12% / IBU 49)

This beer takes you back to that amazing smell of an old book tucked in the corner of an

antique bookstore. Made in the English style, which highlights the rich malt character instead

of hops, this beautiful golden ale includes notes of caramel and fresh-baked bread, rounded

by subtle hints of vanilla. This is truly a stage for the wonderful malts within to shine!


Bennidito’s Brewpub-Spokane

1) Citraburst IPA (ABV 6.8% / IBU 65)

Over 5 lbs. of hops per bbl. This IPA bursts with juicy, citrus hop goodness!

2) Peachy Keen Ale (ABV 6.5% / IBU 40)

Brewed with late harvest peaches and ample Cashmere hops results in a lush, juicy ale!

3) Clocktower Imperial IPA (ABV 8% / IBU 80)

Very smooth and clean with plenty of fruity hop flavors and aromas in this towering IPA!

4) Mystery Beer

You will have to come to our booth to solve this mystery!


Big Barn Brewing-Mead

1) Honey Sage-Historical Herbal (ABV 5.3% / IBU 22)

Our traditional honey lager with farm fresh sage added to give it a unique herbal twist.

2) Barrel Aged Black Dog Stout (ABV 10.5% / IBU 22)

Imperial stout with hints of chocolate, coffee and caramel all blended nicely on oak bourbon

barrel. A dessert to be enjoyed anytime of the year!

3) Rye-teous Rye-Barrel Aged IPA (ABV 7.0% / IBU 56)

Dirt Road Rye on a Woodenville Rye Whiskey Barrel-aged 9 months! Rye gives a mellow spice

character to this traditional NW IPA....add the barrel and WOW

4) Campesino Tropical IPA (ABV 5.5% / IBU 62)

Fresh bursts of Mango, Pineapple, banana, lemon and orange make this a celebration of

flavor from the tropics.

5) Golden Pumpkin Ale (ABV 6.3% / IBU 13)

Our fall seasonal celebrating harvest. Fresh baked pie pumpkins, real vanilla, molassis and pie

spice make this a must fall beer.

6) Strawberry Blonde (ABV-6.0% / IBU 10)

Real strawberries from our Green Bluff farm make this a "one of a kind Blonde" no extract

can match the flavor of real fruit!

7) Blackberry Porter (ABV-7% / IBU 56)

Subtle blackberry undertones, mostly on the nose give this robust malty porter special

attributes not found in most porters. This is another of Big Barn's fruit seasonal beers.

8) Raspberry Braggott (ABV 10.5% / IBU 15)

Think Raspberry - get Raspberry. This heavy sipper is full bodied and sweet honey beer which

explodes with our farm fresh Raspberries.

9) Apricot Wit (ABV 4.6% / IBU 11)

Traditional German Wit beefed up with tree ripe Apricots. Only the sweetness of treeripened

fruit can impart the full Apricot flavor this wit delivers.

10) Midnight Harvest (ABV-6.2% / IBU 80)

As local and homegrown as beer can get. We use local malts...right here in Spokane County

and our own farm "fresh hops" grown at Big Barn Brewing property. This black IPA with fresh

hops yields fun depart from the regular IPA's.


Bottle Bay Brewing-Spokane

1) Fall Amber Ale (ABV 6.3% / IBU 23)

Well balanced strait forward beer. Subtle bready and caramel maltiness with a touch of dried

fruit balanced with a slight citrus hop flavor and vary little bitterness.

2) Bergi Fresh - 3xIPA (FRI) (ABV 11% / IBU 53)

Fruity, citrus, floral, and peppery aromas and flavors from the hops and bergamot orange

with a touch of heat from the high ABV.

3) Cold Brew Milk Porter (FRI) (ABV 6.6% / IBU 23)

Coffee beans added to brew to give a cold brewed flavor. Roasty richness with little

bitterness and acidity. This is balanced with a malty sweetness and a touch of lactose to give

that cold brew coffee experience.

4) Pale Ale (SAT) (ABV 6.3% / IBU 50)

Well balanced Pale Ale with northwest hops. Lightly bitter with a slight maltiness.

5) Hopfire IPA (SAT) (ABV 6.3% / IBU 64)

Citrus fruit bomb. Well balanced and juicy IPA. Full of flavor and aroma with light hoppiness.


Dru Bru-Snoqualmie Pass

1) Dru Bru Oktoberfest

2) Dru Bru Fresh Hop


Fremont Brewing-Seattle

1) Field to Ferment (ABV 6.0% / IBU 50)

Fresh from the hop fields, Field to Ferment is a fresh hop beer brewed with just harvested

Centennial and Simcoe hops.

2) Sour Weisse with Peaches (ABV 4.5% / IBU 5)

Peach and stone fruit flavors give way to a balanced sour and lightly sweet finish.

3) Head Full of Dynomite, v13 (ABV 6.8%)

Head Full of Dynomite (HFOD) is an ongoing series of hazy IPAs, each one different from the

one before. Version 13 is brewed with Cashmere, Idaho 7, and Mosaic hops.

4) Wandering Wheat: Key Lime Pie Edition

Wandering Wheat is an invigorating unfiltered ale with a sweet, bready taste and subdued

hoppiness. Brewed just for this festival, the Key Lime Pie edition invigorates the beer with

sweet and tart flavors.

5) Sky Kraken (ABV 5.5% / IBU JTRA (just the right amount))

A contradiction of the senses offering ripe melon, juicy citrus, pineapple and pepper flavors

to the brave. An idea brought together by the cosmic attraction of opposites, Sky Kraken is a

naturally unfiltered beer.

6) Barrel Aged Beer Rotator

A rotating selection of big, barrel aged beers from our cellar. Check our table for the schedule!

Genus Brewing-Spokane Valley

1) Count Chocula Imperial Cereal Stout (ABV 8.9% / IBU 60)

This is the perfect beer to remind you of Saturday mornings, watching commercials while you

wait impatiently to find out if Rita Repulsa's plans are thwarted in the thrilling conclusion of

this week's Power Rangers episode. Also pairs well with cranberry sauce and crippling doubt

about one's future.

2) Mediocre IPA (ABV 6.5% / IBU 75)

Holy Cow! This beer invigorates the palate with MAXIMUM apathy. Turn the volume up to 11

and let the Mediocre IPA erupt in your mouth with the divine flavor of whatever hops we had

on hand when we brewed it. One sample may not be enough - because this beer is about

ready to Meh it's way into your heart.

3) White Mocha White Stout (ABV 7% / IBU 20)

This is the perfect beer to pair with your two pumps white chocolate, half soy, half caff

morning. At a robust 7%, this light-roast Kolsch carries bold nutty and vanilla notes from it's

frothy-white head through it's creamy caramel body.

4) Canis Fenrir Kviek Milkshake IPA (ABV 6.5% / IBU 45)

Lactose, Norse yeast, and Northwest hops.... This is one of those times we brew just to see

what will happen... Mmmmm

5) Bactrianus Cabello IIPA (ABV 7.8% / IBU 99+)

The Camelus Bactrianus (two humped camel) perfectly symbolizes the fact that there are two

I's in an IIPA... or something like that. Of course we named this beer after the most famous of

the Bactrian Camels.. Camelus Cabello..


Georgetown Brewing-Seattle

1) Bodhizafa IPA (ABV 6.9%)

This IPA gets its light silky texture from rolled oats. The flavor and aroma both express

mandarin and citrus all around. Over five pounds of hops per barrel makes this IPA truly

Bodhilicious. Gold medal winner in the American Style IPA category at the Great American

Beer Festival in 2016!

2) September IPA

3) Mega Meow Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (ABV 9.4%)

A deep, dark brew from which no light can escape, MegaMeow sinks its fangs into you with a

bracing bite. After patiently waiting in solitude for one year, out of Heaven Hill bourbon

barrels emerges a chaos of flavors and aromas of chocolate, bitter molasses, vanilla, currants,

figs and stone fruits. Barrel Aged MegaMeow demands submission - succumb to its dark



Ghostfish Brewing-Seattle

1) Angler Vienna Style Lager (ABV 4.3% / IBU 11)

A Vienna style lager with a malty aroma and slight malt sweetness from Vienna and red

Prosso millet. Easy drinkin'.....just the way we like our summer beers!

2) Polar Nights Porter (ABV 5.9% / IBU 29)

Big notes of brandy and smoke with an underlying layer of vanilla from aging on oak spires.

Hidden Mother Brewery-Spokane

1) Cute Bigger Thang Saison (ABV 5.8% / IBU 12)

Organic Farmhouse style Saison. Opening with a little funk on the aroma, the yeast profile

carries the Strata dry-hop gorgeously. Light Belgian notes throughout with a nice clean profile.

2) Session IPA (ABV 4.8% / IBU 72)

Easy drinking West coast IPA. Loral and Simcoe provide pepper, citrus and floral notes.

3) Citra Simcoe IPA (ABV 6.2% / IBU 72)

Dank floral and citrus notes come through strong on this West Coast IPA. It's just plain tasty.

4) Pine Tree Saison (ABV 7.2% / IBU 14)

Funky, peppery Saison with tons of flavor and aroma from the Ponderosa Pine we used to

make it. Pink peppercorns add a nice floral note.


Hop Capital Brewing–Yakima

1) Wizrd IPA (ABV 6.1% / IBU 93)

Wizrd IPA is a NW IPA with a hoppy punch and a hint of grapefruit for finish.

2) Color Me Hazy (ABV 6.7% / IBU 30)

A Hazy IPA with El Dorado, Mosaic & Citra Hops giving flavor of pineapple and citrus notes.


Hopped Up Brewing Co.-Spokane Valley

1) Screech IPA (ABV 7.5% / IBU 75)

Industrial style IPA brewed with Hopsteiner high alpha Cascade and Centennial CO2 Hop


2) Wheel Hop IPA (ABV 7.0% / IBU 75)

A nice hoppy IPA brewed with 2 row and crystal malts, Hopped with Citra whole cone hops.

3) Hopped Up Peach IPA (ABV 7.7% / IBU 85)

A easy drinking IPA with a light peach kick. Brewed with 2 row and honey malt and peaches.

4) Key Lime Cream Ale (ABV 5% / IBU 13)

A light ale with a great aroma and light refreshing taste of key lime.

5) Pogue Mahone Irish Stout (ABV 7.5% / IBU 40)

A robust stout brewed with specialty malts. Very smooth with a Irish cream chocolate finish.

6) Imperial Orange Vanilla Porter (ABV 9.1% / IBU 36)

A limited release Imperial style porter. Brewed with a heavy amount of specialty malts,

orange zest, vanilla and coffee beans. smooth and delicious. Will be released Fri. at 6:00pm

and Sat. at 2:OO PM


Humble Abode Brewing-Spokane

1) Peanut Butter Porter (ABV 6.3% / IBU 60)

American Porter with peanut butter!

2) TBA


Icicle Brewing Company-Leavenworth

1) Saw Dog IPA (ABV 6.5% / IBU 72)

Leavenworth was once a booming logging town doing things the old school way. Then

chainsaws came around and changed the game forever. Similarly, a new wave of hops have

come about and changed the brewing game. We’ve embraced this new hop revolution and

built an IPA around the deliciously fruity flavor & aroma of the Mosaic Hop. Paired with

Warrior, Simcoe, and Centennial hops to add depth, this is an IPA you can sink your dogs into.

2) Dark Persuasion (ABV 6.5% / IBU 22)

Delicate dark chocolate with a whisper of coconut... You know you want it, go ahead and

indulge. You can finally have German Chocolate Cake and drink it too. There's no need to be

nervous, it's just wickedly deep and full of flavor and desire. With its provocative aroma and

smooth body, this is certainly the darkest of fifty shades of risqué.


Iron Goat Brewing Co.-Spokane

1) Buzzsaw McThunder IPA (ABV 6.8% / IBU 70)

Pale gold with a very slight haze, this Juicy IPA boasts bold, dank aromas of grapefruit and

pineapple with mango, papaya, and citrus pith flavors. It finishes clean and slightly sticky with

a mild lingering bitterness.

2) Sabro Citra Freshhop (ABV 5.8%)

3) Buffalo Trace Barrel Aged Bob's your Uncle Brown Porter (ABV 8.5% / IBU 28)

Bob’s Your Uncle Brown Porter is a milder, sweeter form of porter than Robust Porter but not

as mild as a brown ale. Brown porters typically have more complex caramel flavors and less

of a roasted flavor than robust porters. It has a medium body and is well balanced between

the malt flavor and hop bitterness. A very drinkable well balanced dark ale without the roast

barley flavor of stout.

4) Barrel Aged Goatnik Russian Imperial Stout (FRI) (ABV 11.4% / IBU 70)

A deep, dark, roasty Russian Imperial Stout. Goatnik pleases the palate with hints of coffee

and chocolate matched with generous late kettle hop additions. This winter seasonal is

always delicious.

5) Goatworks Project Mixed fermentation Raspberry sour beer (FRI) (ABV 6.2% / IBU 16)

Rubus is a mixed fermentation Golden Sour, barrel aged on raspberries. After blending three

generations of our Golden wild Sour we added in massive amounts of raspberries and let it

age. You'll get highly complex flavors that compliment the fruit and a balanced acidity that

finishes clean.

6) Watermelon Cucumber Gose (FRI) (ABV 3.5% / IBU 16)

7) Pushing up Hazys V.5 Strawberry Hazy (SAT) (ABV 6% / IBU 30)

We used a blend of citrusy hops followed with a massive charge of strawberries and a touch

of Vanilla additions.

8) Goatworks Project Izjer Geit Flanders Red aged in red wine barrels (SAT) (ABV 7.7% / IBU 10)

Izjer Geit Flanders Red has complex fruit-like flavors mixed with a pleasant sourness. The

barrel aging adds chocolate and vanilla notes that balances nicely with the malt sweetness,

from the Vienna and other dark malts.

9) Dryfly Gin Barrel Aged Buzzsaw McThunder IPA (SAT) (ABV 7.8% / IBU 70)

Pale gold ale this Juicy IPA boasts bold, dank aromas of grapefruit and pineapple with a

strong juniper presence from the Gin barrel. It finishes clean and slightly sticky with a mild

lingering bitterness.

10) Cranberry Tangerine Gose (SAT) (ABV 2.9% / IBU 16)


Laht Neppur Brewing Co.-Waitsburg

1) Whiskey Creek Wild Hop Ale (ABV 8.8% / IBU 75)

Imperial IPA made with fresh local hops that grow wild.

2) Picnic Pale Ale (ABV 3.8% / IBU 16)

A light easy drinking ale that doesn't fill you up.

3) Peach Hefeweizen (ABV 5.3% / IBU 15)

American style fruit Hefeweizen

4) Piper Canyon Scotch Ale (ABV 8.4% / IBU 20)

Sweet malt flavor and low hop profile.

5) Laughing Boy Stout (ABV 6.7% / IBU 30)

Dark Ale with oatmeal, flaked rye, and lactose.


Millwood Brewing Company-Spokane

1) Milltoberfest Marzen (ABV 5.25% / IBU 26)

Marzen style German beer that is sweet and malty but is balanced by a subtle hop character.

2) Millbilly IPA (ABV 7.1% / IBU 70)

Great nose and a well-balanced West Coast IPA. Lighter ABV is what our Head Brewer was

aiming for and he nailed it. Big flavor and a very drinkable IPA by many in the Inland NW.

3) Air Monkey Stout on Nitro (ABV 5.6% / IBU 30)

Easily our Head Brewer's favorite. A slightly heavier Oatmeal Irish stout with super great

flavors. Hit this on Nitro and enjoy the ride.


Mountain Lakes Brewing-Spokane

1) The Maple Bar (ABV 6.7% / IBU 26)

You ever wonder what it would taste like to put a doughnut in your beer? Well wonder no

more! Once this beer was simply available as a table blend in the taproom, but now, through

innovative blending techniques it is pre-mixed for such a festive occasion as this!! Cheers!

2) Nat's Unicorn (ABV 5.6% / IBU 14)

Strawberry-Basil Summer Wheat with the perfect balance of organic strawberries, dried basil

and just enough Huell Melon hop to bitter this delicious taste of the garden!

3) Jalapeño • Lime • Cucumber (ABV 5.3% / IBU 22)

Like fresh salsa, this golden Blonde is the perfect blend of spicy and sweet, woody and mint

flavors from the Perle hops, and just enough peppery heat.

4) Prickly Claire (ABV 5.6% / IBU 24)

From the creative mind of Dave's daughter, Claire, this Prickly Pear Summer Wheat is just

what you never knew you needed... sweet, bubble gum notes balanced by copious amounts

of lemon zest in the boil and the fermenter, and Huell Melon hops to finish.

5) Saint Helen's Inland NW IPA (ABV 6.8% / IBU 105)

Regulars of the Park Inn Bar & Grill will recognize this local best seller brewed with all local

malt from LINC Malt. A perfectly balanced IPA with Palouse Heritage English Pale & Pilsner

malts and a beautiful blend of Amarillo, Cascade, and Equanot Hops.

6) Forest Rake Smoked Double Red (ABV 11.5% / IBU 30)

A smokiness that reminds us of the end of summer in the Inland NW, this delicious malty

treat will rake away the dead debris from your palate and transport you to a fireside

singalong... git along, little doggie!! The morning comes soon!


No-Li Brewhouse-Spokane

1) Barrel Aged Red, White & No-Li Pale Ale (ABV 6.1% / IBU 35)

We take our pale ale and age it in a Dry Fly bourbon barrel creating a beer that is

simultaneously floral with hints of melon, and oaky with whiskey notes.

2) Jet Juiced IPA (ABV 7.5% / IBU 50)

The newest IPA from No-Li Brewhouse. Jet Juiced IPA, available in six-pack cans and draft,

stands tall at 7.5% alc/vol but drinks so smooth you would never know. A five hop blend gives

this beer an aromatic, sweet and juicy flavor, and with real mango added to the brew, an

unobtrusive sweetness creates a unique flavor experience.

3) Big Juicy IPA (FRI) (ABV 6.1% / IBU 55)

Bright citrus and tropical fruit hop aromas lead the way. A light malt foundation provides a

platform for the tropical and citrus flavors of Citra, El Dorado, Belma and Azacca hops to

shine. Mellow bitterness balances the fruity notes in this hop forward, golden-colored IPA.

4) Born Ready Mango IPA (FRI) (ABV 7% / IBU 40)

This ale has a smooth malt foundation layered with a zest of orange peels. The addition of

flaked oats and honey malt creates a smooth, slightly sweet character that melds seamlessly

with the robust mango and citrus notes.

5) Salted Caramel Brown Ale (SAT) (ABV 5.1% / IBU 30)

A Northwest-style brown ale with a burst of caramel and hints of vanilla, all balanced by a

generous amount of Cascade and Chinook hops.

6) Born Ready Pineapple IPA (SAT) (ABV 7.5% / IBU 30)

This ale has a smooth malt foundation layered with a zest of orange peels. The addition of

flaked oats and honey malt creates a smooth, slightly sweet character that melds seamlessly

with the robust pineapple and citrus notes.


Paradise Creek Brewing-Pullman

1) Huckleberry Pucker Shandy (ABV 4.6%)

Enjoy your summer favorite one last time this year! Our tart Huckleberry Pucker Shandy is so

good you can't drink just one. Nice lemony aromas, hint of huckleberry fruit in a nice

refreshing sour beer base. Yummy.

2) Harvest Gold (ABV 4.9%)

An easy-drinking lager made with locally grown and malted Baronesse barley and Rye. Its

wonderful golden color with a little rye haze brings forth its light spicy character from the

malts. Light enough to drink all day but flavorful enough to know you aren't drinking a rice

beer! Don't expect bitterness from this one.

3) Blackberry Pucker (ABV 4.6%)

Taking our famous sour beer base and adding Blackberrys to it seemed like a great idea and it

was. Great fruit aroma followed by a rich tart berry taste is a great alternative to other

"bland" fruit beers. You are going to like this one.

4) MooJoe Coffee Milk Stout (ABV 5.0%)

Something dark, rich and delicious for all the dark beer fans. Rich and creamy with a fresh

coffee aroma that comes from locally roasted beans cold-brewed right in the beer

conditioning tank in order to preserve all the flavor. It's never too early for this one!

5) Scottish Stovepipe (ABV 6.0% / IBU 22.5)

Our double Gold medal-winning Scottish Stovepipe has a great fall malty backbone. Dark

amber in color with hints of smoke and peat is the perfect brisk weather sipper. Give it a try

to see just what the judges love about this beer.

6) TBA

Maybe our Alpha Madness Simcoe Fresh Hop, maybe something else! Just depends on what

is ready by the time the festival starts!


Republic Brewing-Republic

1) Headed North Belgian Tart Collaboration (ABV 6.5% / IBU 10)

An easy drinking sour that combines mild tartness and Belgian esters for a refreshing pint.

Made by Northern Ales, Republic Brewing Co. and Quartzite Brewing Company.

2) Wildfire (ABV 7.2% / IBU 24)

Brewed in the German tradition of rauchbier, Wildfire combines beech-wood smoked barley

and subtle hop flavor, creating a warm, fall sipper.

3) The Festbier (ABV 5.2% / IBU 20)

Crisp, refreshing Bavarian lager designed to be drank by the liter.

4) Herr Dunkel Weizen

Rich in color, crisp in taste this wheat beer combines maltiness with the fruity esters of



Reubens Brews–Seattle

1) Festbier (ABV 5.8% / IBU 18)

A rich medium bodied lager, with a light toast and sweet malt aroma. This beer finishes with

a smooth crisp mouthfeel.

2) Cinnamon Raisin Rye (ABV 7.2%)

This brown ale is brewed with rye, which leads to the smooth mouth feel, and compliments

the cinnamon and raisin character with a light spice inthe finish.

3) Crikey IPA (ABV 6.8% / IBU 53)

Crikey has a light malt sweetness, with tropical aromas, orange citrus notes, and a balanced,

crisp bitterness.

4) Hazealicious IPA (ABV 6.0% / IBU 50)

Hazy IPA with bright tropical hop aromas, a soft pillowy body and a restrained bitterness.


Riverport Brewing–Clarkston

1) Bullseye P. A. (ABV 5.2% / IBU 73)

Northwest style dry hopped IPA.

2) River Rat Red (ABV 5% / IBU 28)

Easy drinking amber ale with heavy malt notes.

3) Old Man River Oatmeal Stout (ABV 5.5% / IBU 28)

Dark and roasty traditional oatmeal stout.

4) Barrel Aged Sour Blonde (ABV 4.7% / IBU 22)

Blonde ale fermented and aged in merlot barrels in the traditional Belgian Lambic style.


Silver City Brewery–Bremerton

1) Tropic Haze IPA (ABV 6.4% / IBU 50)

A seemingly magical reaction between a specialized yeast strain, oats, wheat, and an

experimental hop variety results in a blossom of rich, tropical fruit flavor that is a feast for

the eyes, with a silky-smooth texture and clean finish.

2) Sun Glitter Peach IPA (ABV 6.5% / IBU 60)

Gleaning its name from the radiant visual of sunlight reflected from Pacific Ocean waves at

sunset, Sun Glitter is our celebration of the Puget Sound summertime experience. A fusion of

mouth-watering peach flavor with a dense, hazy malt profile, this unique IPA also

incorporates lactose sugar, yielding a deliciously creamy and vanilla-like sweetness.


A big bastard of an award winning brew. Exceptionally smooth with rich maltiness & a touch

of smoky peat character. Formerly known as "Fat Scotch".


Celebrate the season with tradition & authenticity. This classic amber lager presents rich

malty sweetness, and spicy hop character.


Single Hill Brewing–Yakima

1) Eastside IPA (ABV 7% / IBU 40)

Citizen Grain Dry-hopped Pilsner (ABV 5.4% / IBU 38)

GOLD MEDAL, 2019 Washington Beer Awards. Crispy, bright, dry hopped single field Pilsner.

This year we worked with Dalkieth Farms in Sunnyside to grow our own field of Explorer

barley and had it custom malted by LINC Malt in Spokane. Bright lemon and herbal hop

aromas. Its crispy pilsner profile finishes dry and refreshing.

2) Raz Rocketship (ABV 4.3% / IBU 10)

Thirst quenching tart German wheat beer with raspberries. Just enough fruit layered on a

dry, lemony base made tart from our house sourdough culture. Drinks like a cocktail or cider

and loved by all.

3) Fresh Hop IPA (ABV 7.3% / IBU 50)

This is as fresh as a fresh hop IPA can get! This beer was brewed 3 hours after picking. This is

what Yakima tastes like in September!


Steam Plant Brewing-Spokane

1) Strawberry Sour (ABV 4.8% / IBU 5)

Dominated by tart strawberry flavor, this kettle sour is blended with a few hundred pounds

of real strawberries for a true fruit flavor. No added sugar and low residual sweetness leads

to a clean dry finish.

2) Oktoberfest (ABV 6.0% / IBU 9)

Märzen (maert-sen), a German style lager traditionally brewed in spring and aged for the fall

festival. Brewed Munich malt and noble hop varieties, this amber lager is medium bodied, full

of toasted malt flavor and the slightest hop presence with a clean lager finish.

3) Huckleberry Harvest Ale

Light ale brewed with real northwest huckleberries. Not overly sweet or fruity, just an easy

drinking beer everyone can enjoy.

4) Nitro Double Stack Stout (ABV 6.4% / IBU 34)

Robust stout dosed with real bourbon vanilla. Deep dark color with a smooth chocolate and

espresso flavor. The limited release nitrogenated version offers an even smoother taste and

creamy head.

5) Pumpkin Ale (ABV 4.5%)

A fall seasonal favorite, this spiced ale is reminiscent of pumpkin pie. This pumpkin ale is light

and refreshing and not overly spiced or sweet.

6) 1889 Imperial IPA (ABV 8.9% / IBU 89)

Named after the Great Fire of Spokane in the year 1889 which started where the Steam Plant

was later built. This IPA is strong enough to start a fire in your belly and has just enough

malty sweetness to compliment the hop bitterness, flavor and aroma.


Stoup Brewing–Seattle

1) Citra IPA (ABV 5.90% / IBU 50)

We like to call this one Sunshine In a Glass … or Sunshine In Your Belly because it won’t stay

in that glass long. Our Citra® IPA is designed to be light and bright in both color and body.

Your first sniff will elicit images of tropical fruit and citrus thanks to a healthy dose of Citra®

hops. Enjoy a pint of this and you might just find yourself gazing skyward, pondering how in

the heck sunshine made its way into your glass. AWARDS: Silver Medal- SIP NW Best of the

NW, 2015 Silver Medal-WA Beer Awards

2) Sandals & Flannels Hazy IPA (ABV 6.0% / IBU 58)

Call us old-fashioned or retro or...old, but sometimes we long for the days of yesteryear. The

days when Seattle was rainy and grungy and kind of greasy. When you didn't have to iron

your flannel shirts and Birkenstocks were a fashion statement (only if they were really smelly

and worn within a millimeter of the asphalt). In an effort to celebrate those angst filled days,

we brewed this hazy IPA (like the skies back then, get it?). Unfortunately, due to our naturally

sunny dispositions and close proximity to so many hopeful millennials, we couldn't help but

pack it with the brightest, citrusiest, peachiest, passionfruitiest hops we could find - Citra®,

Mosaic and Galaxy. So, celebrate those glory days with Sandals & Flannels IPA, but also

celebrate the new you that showers daily and brushes your hair.

3) Robust Porter (ABV 6.20% / IBU 45)

Rich in color and character, our robust porter conjures up memories of decadent chocolate

treats dipped in coffee. Hints of dark chocolate, roasted coffee and light malty sweetness are

the result of a complex malt profile including chocolate malt, roasted wheat and roasted rye.

AWARDS: 2017 Double Gold Medal-Sip NW Best of the NW, 2017 Gold Medal-WA Beer

Awards, 2016 Silver Medal-WA Beer Awards, 2014 Silver Medal World Beer Cup & WA Beer



Ten Pin Brewing-Moses Lake

1) Groove Pineapple Wheat (ABV 5.8% / IBU 25)

This ale is the result of our collaboration with the Moses Lake band, Dimestore Prophets. The

beer takes the easy drinking smoothness of an American wheat ale, adds just enough Mosaic

hops to brighten it up with tropical fruit aromas, and takes it home with a fresh pineapple

squeezed into every case.

2) Gutterball Hazy Pale (ABV 5.5% / IBU 35)

We threw a lot of gutterballs to get this perfect strike of a Pale Ale. Juicy, smooth and hazy

with a hoppy floral bouquet. Citra and Ekuanot hops give flavors or starfruit and lemon zest.

3) Graduate Golden Ale (ABV 5.8% / IBU 35)

We brewed this Golden Ale in conjunction with Yakima Chief Hops and College Hill Custom

Threads to benefit the Wine and Beverge Business Management Program At WSU. This light

and crisp Ale has hop flavors of citrus and vanilla, with underlying tropical notes.

4) Guava Gose (ABV 5.3% / IBU 10)

This gose features the unique tropical flavors of pink guava which combine pleasantly with

the usual salt, coriander and tartness of gose.


Three Magnets Brewing-Olympia

1) Jose Gose (ABV 4.6%)

Crisp, spicy, yet refreshing Gose featuring jalapeños, habanero, tomato, sea salt, and lime.

2) Black Steer Stout (ABV 6.6%)

Classic execution of a robust and dry stout

3) Dank Brew IPA (ABV 7.1%)

The name says it all. A hazy dank bomb featuring Mosaic Cryo, Azacca & Moteuka hops.


TT’s Old Iron Brewery–Spokane Valley

1) So-Val Smoked Scotch Wee Heavy Scotch Ale (ABV 6.8% / IBU 12)

Dark in color but not heavy. Brown Sugar sweetness throughout with mild cherrywood

smoke notes to finish.

2) Redline Imperial IPA (ABV 8.3% / IBU 77)

Big and Bold IPA with crisp assertive hop flavor throughout. Orange peel and mild resin


3) Helles on Wheels German Helles Lager (ABV 4.7% / IBU 15)

Light lager brewed with Azacca hops.

4) Brewers Choice IPA

The Brewer will decide on what IPA's to put on each day.


Twelve String Brewing-Spokane Valley

1) Passion Fruit Gose (ABV 4.1% / IBU 10)

Passion Fruit Gose is crisp, refreshing and slightly tart and very enjoyable. You can drink this

one all day.

2) Mango Mambo (ABV 4.6% / IBU 17)

Mango Mambo is one of our most popular beers. An American style Hefe infused with pure

Mango. Subtle Mango flavor without being too sweet. Delicious!!

3) LocoLoco Hazy Session IPA (ABV 4.7% / IBU 45)

Loco Loco is a session version of the popular NEIPA style. Loads of Simcoe, Amarillo and Idaho

7 hops give it huge aroma and flavor. The low ABV make this a very easy drinking beer.

4) Fresh Hop Centennial IPA (ABV 6.1%)

Brewed with locally sourced Centennial hops. You can't get any fresher than this. Great

citrus, pine and floral notes. We can only brew this once a year so enjoy it now.

5) Volume 1.2 (ABV 8.3%)

Volume 1.2 is a remake of our very popular first Anniversary beer. An Imperial IPA aged in

bourbon and whiskey barrels. Very smooth and enjoyable to drink.

6) Sour Note Sour (ABV 6.5%)

Sour Note is a medium bodied ale soured in Chardonnay barrels with a little bit of Brett

added. Mild, smooth and rare. Most interesting and complex flavors abound.


Two Beers Brewing-Seattle

1) Wonderland Trail IPA (ABV 7.2% / IBU 79)

Inspired by the Wonderland Trail, an exhilarating 93-mile trek around Mount Rainier, this

beer was developed to honor the treasures of the Pacific Northwest. Featuring a seamless

blend of Washington-grown Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic and Cascade hops, a slightly sweet aroma

of tangerine is followed by a wave of citrus and passion fruit.

2) Pilchuck Pilsner (ABV 5% / IBU 38)

One of our most traditional beers, Pilchuck is a Czech-style pilsner, hopped with Saaz and

Perle Hops. With a lightly sweet aroma and mild hop spiciness on the tongue, this is a

refreshing take on an old style.

3) Spiced Peach Cider (ABV 6.5%)

Fermented with cardamom and peach, this cider creates a comforting combination of fruity,

herbal and spicy flavors--perfect for any weather.

4) Berry Rose Cider (ABV: 6.9%)

Crafted with locally grown raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Slightly tart on the start

and slightly sweet on the finish, this cider is both accessible and full-flavored.


V-Twin Brewing-Spokane Valley

1) Hella Jalapeño

This is a Pilsner based beer made with Saaz hops, which have an earthy, herbal, and spicy

aroma. During second fermentation we add eight pounds of Jalapenos and let them ferment

for 7-10 days, making this a Hella good beer. Try it with a splash of V8, it makes an awesome

Red Beer too!

2) Suicide Shifter IPA (ABV 7.5% / IBU 135)

Our flag ship IPA that started out in the garage, and has fast become our best selling IPA.

Using Tates Honey Farm local honey to smooth out the bitterness of the 65 ounces of hops.

Don't be scared of the 135 IBU and the 7.5 ABV even no-IPA fans enjoy this great tasting IPA.

3) MaMa'S Mosaic IPA (ABV 6.7% / IBU 70)

Our first single hop IPA, first introduced last year at the brewer festival, this is our number

two selling IPA. So why not bring it back! made with 60 ounces of Cryo Mosaic Hops. This is a

smooth, almost session IPA drinking beer. Coming in at 70 IBU and 6.7 ABV makes a great

winding down summer beer.

4) Basket Case (ABV 6% / IBU 25)

Our newest beer in the line up at the brewery. Made with two hops we have never used

before, Galena and Caliente. This is an American Dark Amber and fast becoming a tasting

room favorite coming in at 25 IBU and 6 ABV


Waddells Brewpub-Spokane

1) B.A. Baracus Barley Wine (ABV 14 % / IBU 52)

Big rich flavors of caramelized brown sugar, Caramunich, toasted oak, whiskey, aged in Dry

Fly barrels for 17 Months.

2) Tangerine Wheat (ABV 5.2% / IBU 25)

Slightly Tart and refreshing wheat beer. Using real tangerine and tangerine peel for flavor and

a citrus nose.

3) B.A. Blackberry Sour (ABV 5.5% / IBU 5)

Aged in Townshend Cab Franc barrels. Great flavors of French oak, Red wine, and tart berries.

4) Imperial Alligator Oatmeal Stout (ABV 11.5% / IBU 50)

The bigger, thicker and darker brother to Alligator Stout. Thick creamy dark roasted goodness.

5) Zest Coast IPA (ABV 7% / IBU 35)

Generous amounts of Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops make this delicious citrusy double dry

hopped juicy IPA.

6) Oktoberfest Marzen (ABV 6.2% / IBU 25)

Our German style Oktoberfest lager with a balance of clean, hop bitterness. Bread or biscuit-like malt aroma and flavor.


Wenatchee Valley Brewing-Wenatchee

1) Poe Ridge IPA (ABV6.7% / IBU 66)

The next best thing to being there. Poe Ridge IPA is an abundantly hopped, West Coast style

IPA. Light malt sweetness, combined with fresh notes of citrus, pine, and spice make this an

easy drinking IPA.

2) Trout Stout (ABV 6% / IBU 43)

Our stout is brewed in the Irish style with five different grains. The dark roasted malts add

flavors of coffee and dark chocolate. Don't let the color fool you, this beer is big on malty

flavor. There's nothing fishy about this stout!

3) Long Stick Lager (ABV 5.4% / IBU 13)

It took a couple of tries but we finally nailed this one down! Developed to be light and crisp

with a pilsner-like flavor in a lager-like beer, the Long Stick is everything you want in a light

beer. Mild and sessionable, yet full of flavor, this beer was certainly worth the wait.

4) Oktoberfest Amber Ale (ABV 4.1% / IBU 28)

Wir lieben bier! For the love of beer is why we celebrate Oktoberfest every year. Beer being

one of Germany’s greatest exports, we brewed our Oktoberfest amber ale in the tradition of

the German purity law of beer. Water, barley, hops, and yeast are the only ingredients you’ll

find. Munich, Crystal 60, Victory, and Flaked Barley build our malt body. Hopped with

imported German perle hops, every sip gets you closer to the motherland of beer. Sweet and

bready, with notes of caramel and apricots, this beer is quaffable and crisp. Enjoy our

Oktoberfest amber ale!


Whipsaw Brewing-Ellensburg

1) Buzz On Blackberry Wheat (ABV 4.5% / IBU 19.3)

Imagine an American Wheat and then layer it with blackberry, lemon and floral qualities on

top of it. This variation is fruity without being too sweet.

2) Stumpblower IPA (ABV 8% / IBU 71.3)

Full of bright and bountiful hop flavor, grapefruit, papaya and strawberry aroma are here in

full strength. A plethora of lemon flavors topped with mint and orange marmalade carry

through to a bracingly bitter finish. But don’t let the flavors fool you, this beer packs a punch.


White Bluffs Brewing-Richland

1) Nectar of the Gods IPA (ABV 6.8% / IBU 68)

Brewed with simple malt backbone and big hop profile of Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe. Early and

late dry hopping makes for juicy deliciousness. 2017 Washington State Gold Medal winner.

2) Biere de Mars (FRI) (ABV 6.3% / IBU 20)

One of our favorite styles brewed as the cousin of Biere de Garde. Belgian Pilsner, Munich

and Wheat malt create a complex yet highly drinkable malt centered beer. We hopped this

batch with Fuggles and Bitter Gold.

3) Red Alt (SAT) (ABV 5.4% / IBU 38)

Alt bier aged to resemble a lager with malt complexity balanced against noble hops. Very

drinkable and GABF Gold Medal winner in 2014.

4) Equal Pay IPA (SAT) (ABV 7.4% / IBU 55)

A balanced IPA that incorporates touch of caramel malt for a West Coast style. Hops include

Simcoe and Amarillo with big dry hopping. Fruity with balanced bitterness.

5) Kaptain Kolsch (SAT) (ABV 5.3% / IBU 18)

German style kolsch beer focused on pilsner malt and noble hopping. Brewed for drink ability

and enjoyment.


YaYa Brewing-Spokane Valley

1) Angel IPA (ABV 6.2%)

Fruity hoppiness on the front and back ends along with tasteful bitterness throughout.

2) Fluffy Puffy Sunshine (ABV 6.6%)

The name says it all. True-to-type New England style IPA with massive quantities of aromatic

hops throughout the process. Bitterness up front, tropical hoppiness around back. Smooth

fluffiness from flaked oats in the grain bill.

3) Porter Rican (ABV 4.5%)

A super light-bodied porter conditioned with Costa Rican coffee beans to provide a

bitter/dark chocolate flavor throughout.

4) Been There, Done That Copper Ale

If a semi-hoppy blonde ale and a malt-forward amber ale love each other very much, they get

together and produce this beer. Late-addition Cascade hops provide a lovely topical aroma

balanced with malty sweetness throughout.



Hopped Up Brewing - Roasted Nut Imperial Porter

Our "High Performance Porter" ramped up to an Imperial. Brewed with 2 row barley,

chocolate, caramel, biscuit, and Munich malts. Hopped with Magnum Hops dry roasted

peanut added after primary fermentation.