Buoy Beer Company announces the upcoming release of Hoppy Blonde Ale, in cans.

Press Release

ASTORIA OREGON - Buoy Beer Company continues their rotating 12oz cans with 6-packs of Hoppy Blonde Ale, the second of four styles that will make up the 2019 line-up. Hoppy Blonde is a new style for Buoy Beer, brewed to be a refreshing summer beer.

"When the discussion started to decide the summer rotating can, the ABV was the first point to be agreed on." Said Kevin Shaw, Brewmaster. "We wanted something light... a light, crisp drinker for the summer."

Buoy's Hoppy Blonde Ale is bright and straightforward with an ABV of 4.8%. A blonde ale with a subtle, yet solid malt bill and a healthy dose of Pacific Northwest Comet, Simcoe, and Meridian hops. Hoppy Blonde is fresh and grassy with notes of citrus and pine, a perfect partner for beach walks, hours of sturgeon fishing, and sunny porch days.

"There's so many great activities to do in the summer, especially around Astoria." Said Jessyka Dart-Mclean, Marketing Manager. "Fishing, paddle boarding, hiking, or just chilling at the beach, you definitely need to bring along a few fresh beers on those excursions."

Hoppy Blonde will be available in 6-packs of 12oz cans distributed in Oregon & SW Washington. Look for the cans everywhere you bought Buoy Helles Lager cans. The rotating 12oz can lineup will continue to change throughout the year.


Astoria, OR overlooks the meeting of one of the West's most relentless rivers and the wilderness of an entire ocean - and it's here that Buoy Beer Company brews its beer. With balance always a priority, we focus on traditional lagers and NW ales to savor after a hard day's work and to share with friends.