Baerlic Brewing announces their 5th Anniversary beer and it's a "doozy"

Five years ago, we started this company to make the best damn beer we could. With a stubbornly independent mindset and a heads down work ethic, we have strived to become better every day or die tryin. It is with this that we say from the bottom of our hearts and pint glasses, thank you and CHEERS!

It's called "Louder, More Punk Rock Double Hazy IPA" and it's a mad, crazy beer loaded with everything a maturing imbiber needs!

Starting with select grains, the crew at Baerlic use Weyerman Pilsner, Wheat, TF Oat malts before adding a bit of Bob's Rolled Oats. Before long, either because it's all part of the process, or maybe the brewers felt like celebrating; the brewers add Strata, Amarillo, & Chinook hops into the boil and we mean into the boil. Like 7 lbs. per 2 kegs of beer, kind of a lot! Before long, the beer is transferred into a stainless-steel cocoon, where Imperial Yeast watches over it, until the beer is roused for the coming Anniversary. At 8% and with the customary absent IBU, "Louder, More Punk Rock Double Hazy IPA" doesn't sound like any ol' Anniversary beer.

Oh, and the party? Well, let's just say you should wear your finest denim vests.

In addition to the beer (naturally), there will also be pizza from Gracie's Apizza from 5 pm and a local DJ will be serving up the vinyl shortly after 5 pm as well. Finally, the brewery will have special draft-releases including some vintages as well as their WoodWorker bottles available to consume in house or takeaway.

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About Baerlic Brewing Company

Say bear-lick…like a bear licking the foam off a frosty mug. Etymologically, it’s an old-english adjective meaning “of barley.” As in there’s beer and then there’s baerlic beer! But feel free to use it whenever you want to describe something that you can’t get enough of. As in: “These waffles are baerlic!”