Stones Throw Brewing has six beers for your savor, including a collaboration release from North Fork Brewery

Stones Throw Brewing has six beers for your savor, including a collaboration release from North Fork Brewery

Just on the outskirts of downtown Bellingham, lies the neighborhood of Fairhaven. Often overlooked by those who seek out the comforts of blocks filled with shops, restaurants, and of course breweries; Fairhaven remains a neighborhood for those who look for something more relaxed. Maybe this is why Stones Throw opened up their little watering home in the neighborhood. Whatever the motivation the brewery has sent the following out to you, the loyal imbiber, to ponder during your next trip to Bellingham either as a local or a tourist.

Neighborhood IPA. The breweries flagship india pale ale, this classic-style IPA gets its bitterness, aromatics, and flavor from Chinook, Cascade, and Centennial hops. Backing things up is a healthy malt foundation which contributes to this 6.3% ABV, 70 IBU, balanced beer. "We raise one to you - our neighborhood!"

Golden Rule IPA Next on the list is another IPA which looks back before brewing in the present. Brewed with the intent on inspiring thoughts of citrus and orange peels, this 6.8% ABV, 60 IBU, India Pale Ale will educate the senses on a soon-to-be classic Amarillo hop and it's talents.

Citra Down, Bottoms Up IPA. Recognizing that yard work is a necessity, Stones Throw brewed this curveball of an IPA making use of Citra and Cascade hops while simultaneously complimenting this green leaf with Pale and Triticale malt. The result is a beer that golden-tan in color while reminding people of tropical cocktails, strawberry festivals, and bits of caramel. Look for this 5.8% ABV, 55 IBU bit of fun at the brewery.

A classic style in its own right, Kristallweizen is a mild bit of refreshment at 4.4% and 20 IBU. With careful attention to include noble hops, the beer has a slight bready and biscuit flavor as well as hints of cloves and bananas. Don't pass up getting your hands on a pint or growler of this.

Two more to go, the brewery releases 6 on 6. A collaboration beer between Bellingham's Stones Throw and North Fork Brewery, the beer celebrates 20 years of brewing. Made in homage of Chair 6 at Mount Baker ski resort, the beer uses 6 unique malts and 6 unique hops. On the first sip, you won't be able to contain your giddiness that soon it will be Winter, even if Summer hasn't officially started.

Ruby Ale. Finally, the brewery tones things down again, with the release of this 4.3% ABV, 52 IBU Red Ale. Brewed with three hops in Mosaic, Amarillo, and Simcoe; the beers definitely has an earthy, grapefruit, and citrus vibe. Coupled with the "Red X" malt, and this beer much like the sunsets near Bellingham Bay will no doubt inspire recollections of deep reds, oranges, and yellows as each day winds down.

About Stones Throw Brewing Company

Stones Throw Brewery is a result from Tony Luciano’s determined vision combined with Jack Pflueger’s entrepreneurial tenacity. As WWU Alumni, they have returned to Bellingham to follow their dream of creating a brewery that would truly capture the spirit of sustainability, community, and adventure. After a year or two (who's counting?) of hard work, we opened those massive sliding front doors to the community in April 2016 and have been loving every minute of it since.

We do our best to embody our motto The Closest Pint to Adventure! While beer is our passion, so is exploring the the surrounding mountains, islands, and everything in between. Henceforth, we have sought to create an environment that will be loved by like-minded people. We're a small team here, but we hope that means you can walk right in and feel apart of our family. Take a seat at the bar before a sunset sail on the bay, relax in our beer garden after a long bike ride in Galbraith, or cozy up by the fire-pit after a day of hard skiing. Our tap room is a dog and kid friendly environment where customers can consult maps, books, and itineraries necessary to take advantage of outdoor adventures, all within a stone's throw. Just remember, if it snows a foot or so up at the mountain overnight, odds are we're thinking about calling in *cough cough* sick, too...

Tours of our brewery are always available - just come in and ask!