Bale Breaker Brewing Company is releasing the next Bottleshop Collaboration Project - Fuzzy Logic Hazy IPA

Collaboration. the action of working with someone to produce or create something, something produced or created by collaboration., or traitorous cooperation with an enemy. To which this writer says more (people) in the first definition, yes to second, and maybe (assuming you mean direct business competitor). Whichever way you define it, collaboration has become as common in the brewing industry as breaking wind or taking another sip of beer. Maybe that's why several specialty bottle shops got together to form the Bottleshop Collaboration Project.

Starting with the release of Soul Proprietor IPA from Seattle's Cloudburst Brewing, these 11 small and independent shops sought to ensure accessibility to brewery's labors. The result was a beer that could be found from Bellingham to Tacoma and from the short of South Lake Union to the rugged hills of Redmond. Since that fateful day in March 2017, those same 11 shops have cooperated with Skookum Brewing, Block 15 Brewing, Reuben’s Brews, and Chuckanut to name a few. But in less than a month, Bale Breaker Brewing Company will join an esteemed group of brewers who are proud to support these 11 small businesses.

Called Fuzzy Logic Hazy IPA, this beer is the first Hazy IPA from the brewery's Imagination Station to be canned. Starting in 2017, the brewers of Bale Breaker installed and took full advantage of a new 5-barrel "pilot" brewhouse, adjacent to their 30-barrel brewhouse. From this 5-barrel brewhouse, complete with fermenters, the brewers of Bale Breaker are able to create unique experiments which are generally gone in less than a few weeks at the nearby taproom.

We reached out to the brewery, to learn more about Fuzzy Logic Hazy IPA and so far they've kept the ingredients and exact release date a secret. But co-owner Kevin Quinn was nice enough to respond to our inquiry with this statement.

We’re super stoked to be working with Bottleshop Collaboration Project on our first Imagination Station canned release, Fuzzy Logic! Fuzzy Logic will not only be our first canned Imagination Station beer, it will be our first canned hazy beer. The Imagination Station is our 5 bbl pilot system where we’re constantly experimenting on new beers. Keep your eye out for more releases of Imagination Station beers throughout the year! Cheers to BCP!"

The brewery has assured us the beer will be released "mid-June" and they will be sharing something formal in the coming days/week. In the meantime, reach out to your nearest Bottleshop Collaboration Project partner if you can't wait to try the newest beer from Bale Breaker while supporting your local specialty bottle shop.

About the Bottleshop Collaboration Project

Welcome to the Bottleshop Collaboration Project. What’s the BCP? It’s 11 small, local, independent bottle shops in Western Washington that share common values and a love of craft beer.