Pike Brewing Company's Women in Beer festival earns $13k for Planned Parenthood.

Hosted on Monday, May 13th, Pike Brewing Company's "Women in Beer" returned to a sold-out crowd while showcasing the strength of female ownership and strength.

The principle brewers for centuries, women are credited with introducing hops to malt fermentation, radically transforming the brew to what we now recognize as beer. Today, women continue to lead and innovate within the Washington beer, food, and craft beverage scenes. Pike’s Women in Beer tasting event highlights an impressive selection of women-owned and -run producers who continue to move our industry forward.

Hosted by Pike Brewing Company on May 13th, the event featured no less than 14 breweries, 9 cideries, and 12 food vendors owned or operated by women. In addition to beer, food, and beverages; the event showcased the support that both men and women had for Planned Parenthood and its mission of providing support for reproductive health. Plus it was a great opportunity for people to try either for the first time this year's Morning After Pale.

More on Morning After Pale

image courtesy Pike Brewing Company

image courtesy Pike Brewing Company

Brewed yearly by the women of Pike Brewing Company, Pike Morning After Pale 2019 has a light and creamy malt base and refreshing, bright hop character from whole leaf Citra hops. Pike Morning After Pale celebrates women’s current and historic roles in craft beer and benefits our friends at Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood’s mission is to empower individuals to make independent, informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive lives. They provide information, health care, and promote policies to make those services available to all.

Responding to an inquiry, Pike Brewing Company has confirmed there is still Morning After Pale on draft and in cans, for those who wish to still try and support Planned Parenthood.

For more information, including hours and the brewery's two other locations - Tankard & Tun and The Microbrewery Museum - visit https://www.pikebrewing.com. Pike Brewing Company is located at 1415 1st Avenue in Seattle, WA.

About Pike Brewing Company

Pike Brewing Company is an independent craft brewery founded in 1989 by craft beer pioneers Charles and Rose Ann Finkel. Located in Seattle's iconic Pike Place Public Market neighborhood, Pike Brewing Company is home to two restaurants, The Pike Pub and Tankard & Tun.