Brouwer's Cafe host the 2019 Sour Fest, May 16th. Our picks from their (attached) draft list.

Brouwer's Cafe host the 2019 Sour Fest, May 16th. Our picks from their (attached) draft list.
image courtesy Brouwer’s Cafe

image courtesy Brouwer’s Cafe

This Thursday, should you need a bit of incentive on where to go, Brouwer's Cafe is hosting their annual Sour Fest. One of the largest showcases by an alehouse, Brouwer's Cafe has consistently demonstrated why they are one of the region's pre-eminent draft houses with events like Sour Fest. Whether you are new to 'sours' or a fast-favorite of Geuze, there is definitely something for everyone.

Taking a moment from their day, Brouwer's Cafe forwarded us a tentative draft-list for Thursday's Sour Fest. After reviewing it we have elected to include it and our picks.

Our Picks (aka, what we’re having)

Engine House #9 Genus Rubus Wild Ale with Raspberry & Blackberries. Located in Tacoma, Washington, Engine House #9 continues to create complex, fruited-ales. If you're too lazy to drive to Tacoma and visit the brewery, this is your next best thing.

Floodland Bottleworks XX. A brewery that neither has a taproom or capacity for retail, Floodland remains a brewery obscure to all but those who have an exclusive membership. Recognizing talent, Bottleworks owner Matthew Vandenberghe sought out owner Adam Paysse. If last February's record sale of BWXX is any indication then you'll want to show up early to get a chance to try this beer for the first or second time.

North Fork Electric Blueberryland. Unless you are heading to hike, ski, or 'board Mount Baker then you've probably never heard of North Fork Brewing. With 20 plus years of brewing under his belt, Eric Jorgensen has created both the familiar (with his IPA, Barleywine, and ESB) and the unusual with beers like Electric Blueberryland and Cherryland. Definitely worth your time.

Alesong Kind of Blue Oak-Aged Sour w/ Blueberries. Having visited the brewery's taproom, we can confirm there is nothing like it. Add to that their status as a several-time, award-winning brewery, and you can see why so many have signed up for their quarterly beer club.

Breakside Ziggurat Wood-Aged Sour Ale. Blended from 13 casks, the beer remains one of the areas more creatively organized releases. If you’ve not been able to track this down or need a refresher, this might be a great time to be at Brouwer’s Cafe.

The Ale Apothecary Ralph Mixed Fermentation Ale with Fir Tips on Cask. Honestly, we’re just excited to see this on cask.

The Ale Apothecary UNVRSL Fresh Hop Farmhouse. Consider us curious as we have yet to try this but we have heard good things.

Burial Death and the Miser Wine Barrel-aged Sour with Cherries. True story but did you know the owners of North Carolina’s Burial Beer once lived in Seattle and managed a beer blog? Aged with Cherries and resting in Wine Barrels, this beer has received a fair amount of praise and is definitely one we wish to try. After all, it’s not every day you get to enjoy a Burial Beer.

Boon Oude Geuze 2018. Call us old-fashioned but there is something fun about a well managed Oude Geuze. Sometimes it’s best not to mess with over-perfection and instead enjoy the classics.

The List *tentative





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About Brouwer’s Cafe

We have 64 craft beers on draft, a selection of over 400 bottles from both the U.S. and abroad, an exceptional selection of Scotch and American Whisk(e)ys and a full service bar, and Belgian-inspired cuisine.

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