Hellbent Brewing Company, Watershed Pub & Kitchen, and North Helpline are happy to share the upcoming release of Gate City IPA

Community. Picking apart the various definitions of this word we see a fellowship of like-minded individuals forming a collective for a common goal. A community can represent something as modest as a backyard barbecue, movie night complete with a projector on the side of a house, or something as complicated as organizing aid for one of your neighbors. Community is and always be a side-effect when people come together with a purpose. For the owners of Hellbent Brewing Company, community not only represents those who visit their brewery taproom to swap daily stories or share a treat with brewery dog Stephen, but also their impact on the neighborhood in the city of Seatle.

Here at Hellbent, we take pride in our community and believe in supporting charities, groups, and causes that reflect our values.

In a short time, since the brewery opened at 13035 Lake City Way the staff have supported non-profits North Helpline, Washington Wild, Outdoors for All, and Meadowbrook Community Care; to name a few. In addition to non-profits the owwnership comprised of head brewer Brian Young, sales manager Randy Embernate, operations manager Jack Guinn, and Chris Giles; have also supported local businesses like Laurel Trujillo, owner of Ounces in West Seattle as she sought assistance for life-saving brain surgery. With each selfless act, one cannot help but recall a lost sentiment in an era - charity and gathering.

Unfortunately, for so many who live on the streets of Seattle's neighborhoods, a different kind of community has formed. Not unique to those who walk the sidewalks entering/exiting businesses; the homeless is a living memorial why access to housing and assistance is so important despite our perpetually ascending economy. Not content to be another statistic who simply observe and provide solutions to no one, North Helpline stepped in with a mission of helping all less fortunate.

And like Hellbent Brewing Company, North Helpline's mission is simple.

We believe that all deserve adequate food, housing, and respect.

We assist our neighbors in obtaining basic needs that affirm their human dignity and worth.

But like so many Hollywood films, a trio is often stronger than a duo. Enter Watershed Pub & Kitchen, just a short transit ride from the Lake City neighborhood.

With a strong focus on supporting local business and non-profits, Watershed Pub & Kitchen was a natural compliment not only in their support of non-profits and local businesses but also their willingness to support the brewery during its early days. With a shared philosophy of supporting others, Watershed Pub & Kitchen, North Helpline and Hellbent Brewing Company coordinated with the release of Gate City IPA. Gate City, a combination of the two Seattle neighborhoods, Northgate and Lake City, not only had the support of Hellbent Brewing and Watershed but also local business who wanted to be a part of something special.

Brewed with all Washington ingredients starting with malt from Skagit Valley, Gate City is also complimented with Citra, Simcoe, and Mosaic hops from the Yakima Valley. On first glance, Hellbent recalls gentle bready overtones before transitioning into notes of mango, papaya, citrus, and pine. With words like that, it's easy to see why this beer won at last year's Washington Beer Awards.

Released again in 2019, Gate City's reputation has grown up and down Washington state's historic 522 highway as local business like The Shambles, Cooper's Alehouse, The Last Drop Bottleshop, Fiddler's Inn, and Wedgewood Alehouse (to name a few) have all lined up to draw attention to a worthy charity and two worthy businesses - Watershed Pub & Kitchen and Hellbent Brewing Company. Thankfully one only needs to wait until May 10th, when Hellbent Brewing Company hosts the release of Gate City IPA at their taproom, starting at 4 pm.

In fact, the current list of businesses includes

  • Cooper's Alehouse

  • Growler Guys

  • The Last Drop

  • The Beer Authority

  • Elliott Bay Brewing

  • Korochka

  • Fiddlers Inn

  • Wong's

  • Broadview Tap House

  • A-1 144th

  • Seaplane

  • Chuck's 85th

  • Ridgecrest

  • Wedgwood Ale House

Well on its way to another year of supporting North Helpline, Gate City IPA remains a brilliant example for what happens when businesses come together to benefit a worthy cause.

To learn more about Hellbent Brewing Company visit http://www.hellbentbrewingcompany.com/about-us/, North Helpline visit http://www.northhelpline.org/, or Watershed Pub & Kitchen visit https://watershedpub.com/.