Black Raven Brewing announces the date, for the return of Wisdom Seeker Double IPA, is April 24th.

There was a time, not too long ago, when it wasn't uncommon for someone to pick up a phone to inquire about a hard-to-find beer. Today, one simply needs a computer or smartphone to access the enumerable apps to locate that desired beer. But it was during this period of 'beer hunting' in which people first heard of a beer called Pliny the Younger. Brewed in Santa Rosa, California, at Russian River Brewing Company, the beer still is held in high esteem. But out of the hype for this hard-to-get beer came numerous homages.

One of these such homages was a beer from Redmond's Black Raven Brewing Company. Named Wisdom Seeker, this beer developed its own cult-like following, as loyal supporters of Black Raven Brewing and of West Coast-style Double India Pale Ales would purchase bottle after bottle. For those in Washington state, one will have to travel to the Evergreen state if they wish to track down Russian River's Pliny the Younger (or Pliny the Elder for that matter). Meanwhile, those of you who only wish to support local breweries will no doubt be interested in picking this up.

Folklore and mythology present the raven as an omniscient creature with special powers and abilities. The Wisdom Seeker Double IPA gets its special powers from an enormous amount of hops and malted barley. Brewed in the West coast Double IPA style, this bold brew features massive citrus and herbal hop additions and a full hop aroma. Seek your wisdom cautiously; this hop feast packs a punch.

Look for this to be released at the taproom, starting April 24th when the brewery's taproom opens. At 8.9% ABV, this is one beer to be taken seriously. Seek Wisdom in a glass.

Black Raven Brewing Company is located at 14679 NE 95th Street in Redmond, WA. For more information, including hours and current draft list, visit