South sound brewery 7 Seas announces the release of Hula-Weizen.

Press Release

In the second release of their 2019 Bridge Series, 7 Seas introduces an innovative new beer, Hula-Weizen, a wheat ale brewed with coconut water, toasted coconut and a hint of lemongrass, a true taste of the tropics.

7 Seas’ 2019 Bridge Series consists of six unique beers, each available for two months throughout the year. President and Co-Founder Mike Runion says, “As spring ar- rives, anticipation for the sunny months ahead grows, and to assist in that transition we were inspired to craft a unique brew to welcome the season. We are excited to release Hula-Weizen, an adaptation of a beer we created for ‘Iron Brewer’, a competition at Bev- erage Place Pub many years ago”.

Hula-Weizen’s art is island-inspired with a Northwest twist, the native Chinook salmon vibes on the ukulele while dancing the hula. This wheat ale delivers a smooth and refreshing taste that is guaranteed to carry you off to the tropics with every sip. Available March through April.

Look for Hula-Weizen, along with other 7 Seas beers at fine retailers throughout Washington State. Cheers!

About 7 Seas Brewing

7 Seas Brewing founded in 2009 by Puget Sound natives, Travis Guterson and Mike Runion, offers 8 year-round brews, 3 rotating seasonal brews, an array of Vintage Ales, and an extensive Tap Room Reserve Series. As the first brewery in Washington to can craft beer, they blazed a path of environmentally friendly packaging. 7 Seas’ Breweries