Chainline Brewing Company celebrates 4 years, this Saturday.

Whenever the utterance Anniversary escapes on a breath of recognition, it's often heard and received for its strong affiliation with weddings and birthdays. Mind you, there's nothing more solemn than a birthday or anniversary but the term itself has never been exclusive to one reverent occasion. Instead, the term has been used to make the passage of time associated with the conclusion of the war, a time of tragedy followed by loss, or the successful recognition of another year of business. Chainline Brewing Company would like to reassure all when they say anniversary party its definitely the latter.

On April 20th, Chainline Brewing Company is pleased to invite one and all to their taproom starting when they open, at 12 pm.

We’re excited to celebrate our fourth birthday with you this coming Saturday, April 20. This past year we have been preparing a new and fun beer venture that will debut on Saturday called the Old Growth Barrel Series. We have barrel aged a traditional Saison in four different styles and will release these on draft and in bottles at our party.

In addition to the beer of the hour, Old Growth Saison, look for hard-to-find Chainline beers like their Barleywine, Double Cerne, Steinbier, and of course Flowtron IPA.

More on Old Growth Saison

Old Growth Saison 1-4 is the first iteration of this new rotating barrel series from Chainline. These bright and delicate beers feature two different kinds of yeast and two different kinds of wine barrels. Saison One is our base Saison aged for a year in a clean red wine barrel. Saison Two is the base Saison aged in a Grenache barrel. Saison Three is the base Saison aged in a red wine barrel and underwent secondary fermentation on Brettanoymyces Bruxellensis. Lastly, Saison Four is the base beer aged in a Grenache barrel with Brett Brux. 7.2-7.4% ABV

Malts: Pilsner, Vienna, Wheat
Hops: Magnum, Herbsbrucker, Saaz
Yeast: Napoleon, Brettanomyces Bruxellensis

Chainline Brewing is located at 503 6th St South, Kirkland, WA 98033 with doors opening at 12 pm, this Saturday, April 20th. For more information including updates, visit