Crossbuck Brewing announces several events to benefit the Walla Walla Community

Press Release 

Walla Walla, WA – April 5, 2019 – Crossbuck Brewing today announced several projects and events created to benefit and build community for local residents of Walla Walla, WA. Crossbuck aspires to be a brewery that leads and actively participates in the community it serves and will host several events, fundraisers and special-release beers to support the Tour of Walla Walla and the Blue Mountain Land Trust. 

“I’m excited to get the brewery in a place where I can focus on some brewing projects that give back. It’s refreshing to brew for a purpose,” said Steven Brack, head brewer, Crossbuck Brewing. “What could be better than enjoying a pint while simultaneously helping out a cause you truly believe in?”

The Tour of Walla Walla Event and Special Brew

On Saturday, April 14th, Walla Walla hosts the Tour of Walla Walla bike race, an annual event that brings dozens of riders and fans to cheer on various bike courses from Walla Walla rural roads to downtown streets.  Crossbuck is offering a chance to unwind from the high gear of the races, with a relaxed event to wrap up the weekend.  Along with hosting the Tour of WW on Sunday April 14th, Crossbuck Brewing has created a special limited release beer called, the “Bonk” Lager, which is being brewed specially for Tour of Walla Walla, is slightly tilted towards the malt, but a well-balanced beer. It offers the spicy, herbal aroma of German hops at restrained levels, and enough bitterness in the finish to dry the palate.

“This easy drinking lager is the perfect pint after a long race to help regenerate after ‘hitting the wall’ aka the Bonk,” said Steven Brack. “True beer lovers will be reminded that there is much to appreciate in sophisticated simplicity and drinkability, delivering a transcendental experience after achieving the cyclists’ high.”

Tour of Walla Walla Wrap Party and Release of the ‘Bonk’ Lager

  • Sunday, April 14th 2pm-close

  • Brewery tours and tank tastings at 3pm

  • Menu Specials

  • Meet and greet with other riders

  • Discounts on the Bonk Lager

Blue Mountain Land Trust Fundraiser: Earth Day Event, Brewers Dinner and Special Brew on Tap

Crossbuck will partner with the Blue Mountain Land Trust (BMLT) by hosting a special Earth Day beer release event on April 22nd, releasing a special beer and hosting a 5-course Brewer’s Dinner on May 11th.   All proceeds from the events and $1.00 of every pint of the special brew sold through May 11th will help raise funds improve the quality and accessibility of local trails in the Blue Mountains.  The BMLT creates programs to preserve fish and wildlife habitat, forests, grasslands and agricultural lands in the Blue Mountain Region.

“The Blue Mountain Land Trust is delighted to partner with Crossbuck Brewing on the Blues Crew Lavender Wit beer. The beer was named in support of the Land Trust's volunteer trail maintenance group, the Blues Crew. And as they say, nothing goes better together than Pulaskis and a cold brew. At the end of a trail day, of course,” said Tim Copeland, executive director, Blue Mountain Land Trust. “Last year, the Blues Crew's 45 volunteers invested over 1,000 hours to improving our local trails. That was a monumental feat. This year, we intend to exceed that goal, but need the community's help. Crossbuck’s commitment to this program builds awareness and inspires more people to hit the trails. Join us in raising a glass to our local trails we love and share!”

Blues Crews Lavender Wit Release Party

  • Earth Day, April 22, 2019 5:00 – 7:00 pm

  • Blue Mountain Land Trust members will share information about what they do to preserve the land for future generations.

 Brewers Choice BMLT Dinner

 Blues Crew Lavender Wit Details:

To create a unique Belgian White style ale, Brack sourced lavender from Blue Mountain Lavender Farms, Walla Walla Hops and worked with local maltster, Mainstem Malt, which is certified salmon safe.

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