Stop into the Latona Pub for March IPA Madness, Bert Grant's Legendary Cask, or Steinbier from breweries Chainline and Urban Family.

Fun things are in store at one of Seattle's oldest alehouses. At over 30 years old, The Latona Pub has remained a stalwart sentinel championing craft beer. To that end, the Pub hosts several brewery-related events, like their dinners, or March IPA Madness. Oh right. March IPA Madness is coming up, March 10th.

Unlike prior years, where there was a bit of ballot stuffing (aka, copious amounts of pitchers being purchased to drain the keg the fastest), the management will try something different. On March 10th, guests who participate in the voting will be hand a tasting tray with four participating brewery India Pale Ales. The only identifier associated with what's in front of you will be a number, one through four. All that's asked of you is that you return a ranking sheet with your most to least favorite in order. A few days later, Latona Pub will tap another four unique IPAs (from the previous four) and guests will be asked to again vote their most to least favorite.

Whereas in the past, winners have been decided based on how fast their keg disappeared, the rules are a little different this year. We’ll tap four IPAs at the same time, as usual, and you’ll be able to get a tasting tray of all four of them. The beers will be numbered one through four, you’ll rank them based purely on flavor and quality and then turn in your ballot to the server/bartender. Then, a few days later, we’ll tap four more IPAs, and you can do it all over again. We’ve never done a blind tasting event before, so I’m pretty excited to see how this goes.

As a sort of intermission, or more like a distraction, the Latona Pub will host the annual Bert Grant's Legendary Cask Ale tapping. This time as they have in the past, Anacortes Brewing was selected to brew this beer in honor of Washington's first brewery publican, Bert Grant of Grant's Ales. Tapping starts at 5:30 and will be on until it's gone.

Finally, the Latona Pub will host Chainline and Urban Family to celebrate the release of their collaboration beer - Steinbier. Brewed in the old school tradition of adding a hot lava rock in the boil, this unique style rarely appears and should be fun given the unique brewing styles of the breweries from Kirkland versus Seattle.

For more information on the Latona Pub, visit or in person at 6423 Latona Ave NE in Seattle's Greenlake neighborhood.