Crux Fermentation Project reminds you to try their Freakcake and Gated Community

As one of the few breweries in the Pacific Northwest with a breathtaking view of the Cascade Mountain Range, Crux Fermentation Project has remained a destination brewery for skiers, hikers, snowboarders, kayakers, and pretty much anyone who’s adopted a recreation. Maybe that's the reason the brewery is always so full. Or maybe it's because the brewery continues to put quality over quantity and pay more attention to what it's loyal drinkers want instead of what everyone else is drinking. To that end, we are happy to remind you about some recent releases at the brewery. And it begins with something called Freakcake.

We’ve taught an old brown new tricks. The brunette hue is derived from roasted Belgian aromatic malts, and fruity esters are augmented by lemon and orange zest. For a further twist, a Brettanomyces induced secondary fermentation flecked with tart cherries, dates, cranberries, currants, and figs makes for a slightly sour ale. Want something even freakier? Lock it up in a cool dark place for a few years and see what happens.

image courtesy Crux Fermentation Project

image courtesy Crux Fermentation Project

As someone that was present at the brewery, when this beer was released, we can tell you it pairs well with a charcuterie plate littered with various cheeses, thinly-sliced aged meats, olives, and dried fruits. Or if you want something fun, try this with a wild green salad, dusted with dried fruit, walnuts, ricotta cheese or blue cheese, and some light vinaigrette dressing.

image courtesy Crux Fermentation Project

image courtesy Crux Fermentation Project

Following up on Freakcake, the brewery has released a Brut IPA for those looking for something less hazy on these Wintery nights.

This all-new take on the IPA is sure to tickle your fancy. Citra & Galaxy hops contribute the tropical juicy goodness while an extended mashing process reduces the residual sweetness. The result is an unexpected sip that finishes nice and clean, leaving you thirsty for more.

What's fun about this beer is that this is a series of beers from the brewery, with each edition being swapped for something different. Which means that you should track this beer down before it disappears (around May) and is replaced by Lawn Party Golden Ale, Vicky's Gone Troppo (an IPA with Vic Secret Australian hops, released in September).

Good hunting.

More about Crux Fermentation Project

Founded by Larry Sidor, Dave Wilson and Paul Evers, Crux Fermentation Project opened its garage doors on June 30, 2012. But it didn’t happen overnight and we didn’t do it alone.

Built in 1988, our building was originally a Munnell & Sherill Mill Supply, an integral part of Bend’s history as a timber empire. In 1999, Dave Beezely bought the building and it was converted to an AAMCO transmission shop. In 2011, we found the building and began yet another transformation.

We bought used equipment from friends in the brewing business. The bulk of our brewing equipment came from a defunct Japanese brewpub, arriving in pieces we had to reassemble, clean and polish, with the help of friends and family. Then, brewmaster Larry spent months beneath the brewdeck working with plumbers and welders.

The interior, furnishings and fixtures at Crux are mostly reclaimed or recycled, as our way of paying homage to the building’s industrial history—and as our way of channeling the creative energy of a community of beer lovers.

Crux was a labor of love. To all of you who contributed ideas, materials, sweat and support to the project (and are represented on the wall of paper portraits), THANK YOU.

– Larry & Paul