Fremont Brewing Company releases a brewery-exclusive, Virtue, from the Black Heron Lounge this Saturday.

It’s called Virtue and it’s another in a series of beers released under Fremont Brewing Company’s Black Heron name. Brewed in Fremont’s original brewery location, this beer is the culmination of creative thought, quality ingredients, add a foeder (pronounced food-er), and a dash of time, and you get a … foeder aged golden sour with local malts and mixed fermentation. “

So you want to learn more about this beer, do you? Well, the beer is brewed to be a golden ale with Mecca Grade malted barley and wheat along with Golding hops. The beer is then aged with a house mixed culture, using the solera technique. Let's just say it's a quick, old school, method to brewery beers like Fremont's Virtue. But don't take it from us, here's a snippet on the Solera technique.

Varietal/© Fremont Brewing Company

Varietal/© Fremont Brewing Company

For sour beer, a single stage system now is used by most Solera breweries and has been found to be an excellent way to continuously make the beer more quickly than conventional barrel aging, with greater depth, and with a wild culture mixture that slowly evolves over time. The tapped beer is replaced by the house base beer which is brewed separately and moved to the Solera.

Basically, the untapped part of the Solera cask acts as a jump starter, like the sourdough bread starter that many families have used and passed around. (We called our sourdough starter Herman.), 12/19/2017

In addition to wine, the Solera technique also is used to produce sherry, whisky, balsamic vinegar, and of course this mixed culture beer which is set to be released this Saturday. Oh right. We forgot to mention, Virtue goes on sale, in the Black Heron Lounge March 16th from 11 am. Did we also mention that this is a release, exclusive to the brewery? No? Well, then you better get in line this Saturday if you want to get a rare bird only available at the brewery.

More on the Black Heron Project

Black Heron Project beers reflect the seasonality, beauty, and individuality in the passage of our time on this Earth, in this Place. Using mixed fermentation and local, heritage grains; these beers are oak fermented and bottle conditioned to allow them to develop and shape their flavors. 

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