Brouwer's Cafe, Bottleworks, & Structures Brewing release Dirt Church IPA March 7th & 16th.

This Thursday, March 7th, Brouwer's Cafe in collaboration with Structure Brewing is releasing Dirt Church India Pale Ale. A benefit beer for the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, the beer began as a passion project from Brouwer's Cafe's General Manager - Nat Pellman. But the project didn't start with beer rather the idea was born out of a sense of philanthropy given Pellman's love of mountain biking.

As a daily as a daily commuter to and from his job at Brouwer's Cafe, Nat has not only engaged the ruts, potholes, grooves, and cars of Seattle but also the roots, trees, rocks, and of course dirt of the Pacific Northwest. Some might say the desire to support two worthwhile organizations, the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition (WMBC), was inspired from one too many scraped knees, frequently bruised shoulders, or a face caked with mud and sweat. Whatever the inspiration behind this collaboration, Structures Brewing was happy to share in Nat Pellman's passion.

Everyone has something they are passionate about, maybe even worship, and for us that’s Dirt! Those beautiful and challenging ribbons of dirt we call trails, that take us deep into the forest, high up into the mountains, and sometimes to the grandest of vistas. Dirt brings us together and lets us be alone, makes us work hard for even the smallest thrills, brings us joy yet dishes out its certain share of pain! Yet we go back to it over and over again, seeking that connection to the ground, the perfect texture, the fluidity of moving over and through it. The dirt, the trails, they are part of us now!

This is how the idea of Dirt Church IPA was born. Most of us can’t be there to build and maintain the amazing network of trails we have here in the Pacific Northwest, but we can certainly help support the awesome and hardworking people who do. The Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition (WMBC) are on the ground (and in the dirt!), making sure our favorite trail systems stay in great condition.

Like the folks at Brouwer's Cafe, Bottleworks, and Structures Brewing said; proceeds from each release event will benefit either the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance or the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition (WMBC). All you need to do is head over to your nearest spot.

Bottleworks is located at 1710 North 45th Street #3 in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood while Brouwer's Cafe is situated in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle at 400 North 35th Street. Look for Bottleworks to release cans of Dirt Church IPA from 11 thru 4 pm before Brouwer's Cafe celebrates the release at 4 pm when they tap the keg of Dirt Church at the bar. Structures Brewing is located in Bellingham at 1420 North State Street. Look for Structures to release their batch on the 16th of March, while supplies last.

image sourced from Brouwer’s Cafe

image sourced from Brouwer’s Cafe

More on Nat Pellman of Brouwer's Cafe
Nat Pellman at Brouwer’s Café in Seattle is passionate about Mountain Biking and Beer. He is friends with James and Max at Structures, and quite enjoys collaborating with them on special beer releases, as well as having a cold one (or two!) at their Brewery after a good ride in Bellingham.

More on Structures Brewing
The idea for Structures Brewing was conceived in a remote cabin in the Green Mountain National Forest, while working for a large regional brewery in the North East, USA. We are a brewer owned and operated brewery, with a small and empowered team.