Ballard's Stoup Brewing Company reminds all to try their beers of March, before they're gone.

With only two weekends remaining in March 2019, we wanted to take a moment to offer up another brewery worth your time - Stoup Brewing Company.

Located in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood, Stoup Brewing Company has released some fun beers for the month of March. Despite the calendar showing less than 10 days until April 1st, we wanted to take a moment to share their current releases.

Irish IPA. Think of this as a India Pale Ale for those pre-funking early for St. Patrick's Day. Released on March 11th, the beer boasts a north-of-sessionable 6.9% ABV while a balanced 50 IBU. Brewed with a very Irish base of 2-row barley, the beer employs a small contingent of hops with names like HBC-630 and Citra. The end result is a beer that inspires through of citrus and stone fruit. Happy hunting.

Skagit IPA. Released March 13th, this India Pale Ale is brewed with Pilot malt, Triticale malt, and Caramel Triticale malt all donated from Skagit Valley Malt. The result is a beer that has "... a full mouth feel with a subdued rye spiciness:. In addition to malt from Skagit Valley Malt, Skagit IPA gets it bitterness and aromatics from the Citra and Loral cryo hops. At 7.5% ABV and 45 IBU, this beer will be a great send off for March while supporting a beer who partial proceeds will benefit Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, in honor of co-founder Robyn Schumacher's father - Otto.

Extra Loud Dry Irish Stout. First released on the 16th of March, during the Ballard Parade O' Pints, sales from this beer benefit Seattle Firefighters Pipes & Drums. With an alcohol by volume of 4.7% and an IBU of 36, this beer is a healthy reminder why St. Patrick's Day should only come once a year. With the addition to roasted barley, this beer has a welcome balance of bittersweet chocolate paired with a nitro creaminess from the included oat malt and nitrogen gas.

Finally, Zwilling IPA. A hybrid India Pale Ale of sorts, marrying the both German and American Amarillo hops, Zwilling gets its name from the German word for Twins. Ponder thoughts of grapefruit, melons, and peaches as you wave goodbye to March and welcome the April showers of Spring with this 6.4% 57 IBU glass of liquid gold.

Stoup Brewing Company is located at 1108 NW 52nd Street in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood.