Have you tried Hellbent Brewing's Test Flight Experimental IPA?

If you find yourself tired of green beer, green clothing, or anyone who demands you kiss them because they are “Irish” (or actually immigrated from the country of dispute), then you’ll probably enjoy this unique beer from Hellbent Brewing Company.

Made with Sabro and Strata hops, Test Flight Experimental IPA will not only refresh your stout-stained, car bomb infested, palate; but it will also inspire thoughts of the tropics.

Hellbent’s newest IPA experiment showcases two hops that have recently joined the brewing scene: Sabro and Strata. Sabro is a Washington hop from a female neomexicanus hop with distinctive tropical fruit flavors like coconut and tangerine. Strata is an Oregon-bred hop with “dank” tropical fruit aroma.

Born out of the desire to not be another Hazy or Juicy IPA, Test Flight is brewed with West Coast IPAs on its mind while brewing in the key of its New England IPA siblings.

This beer is a West Coast IPA, inspired by the new hazy IPAs, that’s brewed with two row pale malt, malted white wheat, rolled oats, dextrin malt and caramel 8 malt. Both hops were used in equal proportions as late addition whirlpool hops and as the dry hopping.

At 7.5% Alcohol by Volume and around 55 IBU, this might be the therapy you need against the forces of all thing green (minus the Springtime sun of course).

Get your hands on this beer at Hellbent Brewing Company at 13035 Lake City Way in Seattle’s Lake City Way neighborhood.