Vancouver brewery Main Street Brewing collaborates with winery Kanazawa, to release Brut Moscato.

Press Release

Vancouver, BC, January 2019 - Following the success of the first collaboration between Main Street Brewing and Kanazawa Wines (Brut Rose), Main Street Brewing launches second wine-inspired beer.

The new Brut Moscato is Main Street Brewing’s second foray into the beer-wine hybrid space. This craft beer trend of wine-based and inspired beers, sees brewers breaking down barriers between beer and wine and merging the two for a unique new brew. “Brewing with the orange Muscat grape juice creates a beer that has a lot of wine character to it. It’s interesting how the beer and the juice pair together to create something new, but still familiar,” says Ted Fine, Main Street’s head brewer.

The Brut Moscato is a dry and effervescent base beer combined with 400L of orange Muscat juice. Saison yeast and low mash temps combine to minimize residual sugars, while a generous dose of Mandarina Bavaria hops added in whirlpool provide lots of orangey hop flavour with little bitterness. 7% ABV, 10 IBU.

Rich Kanazawa of Kanazawa Wines suggests pairing this brew with Spanish tapas, fish tacos, fried chicken, funky cheese, Pad Thai, or even falafels and Mediterranean food.His take on a creating a hybrid beer, “I always want the process of making something to be fun, and the result to be unique and delicious. The collaboration between Main Street Brewing and Kanazawa Wines gives me the opportunity to experience all of that.”

Brut Moscato will be available for purchase in 650ml bottles at Main Street Brewing on February 7th. Pick up a bottle just in time for Valentine’s Day!


Main Street Brewing Co opened in 2014 and resides in one of Vancouver’s few surviving industrial heritage buildings, the “Vancouver Breweries Garage” (1913), in the historic Brewery Creek District.

thumbnail image sourced from Main Street Brewing Company