Elliott Bay Brewing's Brother Barrel celebrates all things dark, all week long, with Ode to Darkness.

If you're craving something to do after weeks of hibernation, courtesy Mother Nature, then you'll no doubt want to consider Elliott Bay Brewing's Ode to Darkness as part of your plans. Located in the Lake City Way neighborhood of Seattle, Washington, Elliott Bay Brewing Company's sister pub, the Brother Barrel, is celebrating Winter by warming your stomach and mind with the soothing sips of barrel-aged and high-gravity beers.

Should you make the journey to 12537 Lake City Way NE, you will be provided the option to consume a 4, 8, or 12 ounce pour from some of the following beers made both in-house at the Brother Barrel's sister pub Elliot Bay Brewing Company or courtesy breweries who personify darkness:

Made at Elliott Bay Brewing Company

  • 9.2% ABV 2015 Organic Fauntleroy Imperial Stout

  • 9.2% ABV Bourbon barrel-aged Fauntleroy Imperial Stout in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels

  • 9.2% ABV Bourbon barrel-aged Fauntleroy Imperial Stout with espresso beans

  • 9.2% ABV Bourbon barrel-aged Fauntleroy Imperial Stout with vanilla beans

  • 9.2% ABV Tawny port barrel-aged Fauntleroy Imperial Stout

Sold in Washington, Oregon, or California

Finally, a word of caution to those procrastinators, as many of these beers are in limited amounts. So we’d advise you to avoid stalling if you want to share in the Ode to Darkness.

More on Brother Barrel

Brother Barrel proudly offers a selection of barrel-aged beers from the cellars of Elliott Bay Brewing Company. We showcase a range of styles from spontaneously fermented beers and sours to dark beers aged in retired whiskey barrels. In addition to our ever growing selection of beers from our cellar we have an eclectic cocktail program driven by the best local spirits and seasonal ingredients.

Our menu offers food inspired by our beers such as charcuterie, homemade focaccia pizzas, and a signature burger that are great for dinner or a bite shared with friends.

More about Elliott Bay Brewing company

Elliott Bay Brewing Co. is a family-owned company of high-quality neighborhood brewpubs in communities throughout the Seattle metro area.  Our two owners, Todd Carden and Brent Norton, met in 1994 while working for the iconic Maritime Pacific Brewing Company in Ballard. They forged a friendship and explored their common goal and dream of owning and operating their own brewpub. In November 1996 they signed their first lease and began construction of a brewpub in the historic “Junction” of West Seattle.  They opened the Elliott Bay Brewery and Pub for business on July 11, 1997.

Since it’s inception, Elliott Bay Brewing Company has been a leader in sustainability, philanthropic support, and instrumental in creating an amazing sense of community in the neighborhoods which it serves.  Each of our three brewpubs are certified Organic—fostering our commitment to our environment and farmers who support our common goals.

Todd and Brent are passionate about creating environments where products and service are crafted by professionals who love what they do, and where everyone in our community is welcome.  With over 30 years of combined store operations, and literally hundreds of thousands of customers passing through our doors, we have remained focused on doing things the right way.