Unified Brewing evolves into Future Primitive Brewing, while avoiding a litigious altercation.

It's been brought to our attention, by the owners of Unified Brewing Company in White Center, that a name change is in order. 

Effective immediately, Unified Brewing is renaming to Future Primitive Brewing Company in light of a litigious disagreement with a like-minded brewer. Chalk it up to itchy, mouse-clicking fingers, but the owners would rather be the beneficiaries of praise instead of controversy unless of course, it's about whether it's to inspire discussion about one of their beers. 

Embracing the full spirit of the word “unified” we would have preferred to seize this dilemma of dubious impact as an opportunity to meet new friends, collaborate on a project, or at the very least share a beer or two as we discussed how best not to interfere with each other in our respective markets. Unfortunately, our counterparts were not available for this type of interaction. 

Instead, the brewery will be known as Future Primitive Brewing, which seems a safe bet given some initial Google searches but the brewery thinks this is more in line with their combined philosophies. 

As brewers, we strive to realize the veritable Form of beer as Plato might have envisioned. We challenge ourselves every day to improve our processes, source better materials, foster healthier relationships, soldiering forward on an endless march of discovery. In our effort to realize the future, we deeply respect the enduring relevance of our primitive past. As we rediscover old techniques, outdated methods, and forgotten styles, we are reminded that one person’s progress is another’s devolution.

Barring a brewery from an similarily-named brewery, no doubt from an alternate earth, it's safe to assume this name will be on pints, kegs, and bottles (or cans) in the near future. Till then you can get used to the new name by following the brewery's Instagram account at http://www.instagram.com/futureprimitivebeer or visit their website (occasionally) at http://www.FuturePrimitiveBeer.com

Future Primitive Brewing is comprised of Mike Baker, Dean Hudgins, Ian Roberts, Larry Solomon, and Kevin Watson.

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