Brouwer's Cafe's Big Wood Festival begins tomorrow and concludes this Sunday.

If you haven't made any plans for the weekend, let alone Thursday, then you should consider a trip to Brouwer's Cafe for their annual Big Wood Festival. What sets this event apart from others is their vast selection of beers aged in wooden barrels. Did we mention that Brouwer's is dedicating over 50 of their draft faucets to the cause?

That's right, starting at 11 am on December 6th, Brouwer's Cafe opens their door and invites you to sample:

*oh and you might want to pay attention to that keg of The Commons, as sadly the brewery is no longer with us.

from California

  • Alesmith Mexican Speedway. 12% ABV
    Tequila Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with Mexican Coffee, Chocolate & Cinnamon

  • Belching Beaver Barrel-Aged Horchata Imperial Stout ’18. 10.6% ABV
    Barrel-aged Horchata with coffee

  • Firestone Walker Dark & Stormy. 11.1% ABV
    Rum Barrel-aged Blended Ale with Lime and Ginger

  • High Water West Meets East. 6% ABV.
    Barrel-aged Golden with Kiwi & Kumquats

  • Lost Abbey Deliverance. 12.5%
    ”A blend of bourbon barrel-aged Serpent’s Stout and brandy barrel-aged Angels Share.”

  • Nitro-edition Modern Times BA Devil’s Teeth 12.9%
    With NOLA Coffee & Almonds

from Colorado

from Delaware

from Europe

  • Belgium - Alvinne Kriek Van Mortagne. 8.5% ABV
    Sour Ale w/ Cherries

  • Belgium - Huyghe Bourbon Barrel-aged Delirium Noël. 10% ABV

  • Belgium - Tilquin Mûre Tilquin. 4.8% ABV
    Lambic w/ Blackberries

  • Switzerland - B.F.M. L’Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien. 11% ABV
    The Abbey of Saint Bon-Chien, winey, tart and complex, matured - slowly - in oak barrels.

from Michigan

from New York

from North Carolina

from Oregon

  • Alesong Brewing & Blending Señor Rhino. 12.5%
    Barrel-aged Milk Stout with Vanilla and chiles

  • 2017 Block 15 The Demon’s Farm. 8.5%
    Barrel-aged Dark Farmhouse with cherries

  • Boneyard Snow Worries. 8.2% ABV
    Cognac Barrel-aged Winter Warmer

  • Breakside #Morefriends #Morememories. 6.6% ABV
    ”… a blending of 18 casks from the cellar over a generous helping of raspberries”

  • De Garde The Vanille Kriek. 7%
    Oak-aged Wild Ale with cherries and vanilla

  • Deschutes The Brett Dissident. 8.7%
    Barrel-aged Flanders Brown with Cherries & Brett

  • Double Mountain Eleven 11th Anniversary. 13.2%
    Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine

  • Ex Novo CocoGoNuts. 10.8%
    Rye Whiskey Barrel-aged Stout with coconut, vanilla, and sea salt.

  • Fort George Reclusa. 13%
    Barrel-aged Blended Stout for Bottleworks’ 19th Anniversary

  • Hair of the Dog/De Molen/Shiga Kogen Side by Side. 11.5%
    Barrel-aged Strong Ale. A collaboration between HOTD, Brouwerij de Molen, and Tamamura Honten Co.

  • Little Beast Black Cap. 8.4%
    Foeder-Aged Ale with Black Cap Raspberries

  • Logsdon Peche ‘n Brett. 10%
    Peche 'n Brett is brewed and refermented with the peaches added in to our award winning Seizoen Bretta.

  • pFriem Fraise. 6.4%
    pFriem Fraise is created by blending our barrel aged, Lambic-inspired ale with extraordinarily fresh, Hood strawberries.

  • The Commons Bourbon Little Brother. 10%
    A portion of Little Brother is added to Heaven Hill bourbon barrels after primary fermentation where it picks up a rich, bourbon flavor.

  • Upright Apricot Pathways. 8%
    is a unique blend that combines select casks of our stock barrel aged saison with a few casks of a fresh apricot wheat based saison brewed in the summer of 2017.

from Utah

  • Epic Brewing Triple Barrel Big Bad Baptist. 11.4%
    We aged coconut and Blue Copper’s Colombian coffee beans in fresh whiskey barrels, while our imperial stout aged in both rum and whiskey barrels. The trio was then hand blended, creating our most over-the-top version of Big Bad Baptist yet. Best enjoyed slowly, three sips at a time.

from the United Kingdom

  • Harviestoun Ola Dubh 10th Anniversary. 8% ABV
    Old Ale aged for 2-years in Highland Park 12-year old Single Malt Whisky barrels.

from Washington

  • Aslan Raspberry Dojo. 6.2% ABV
    Oak-aged Saison with raspberries

  • Cloudburst Cease To Amaze. 9.9% ABV
    Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Porter

  • Elysian Bourbon Bbl-Aged Dragonstooth Stout 11.26% ABV

  • Engine House #9 Wild Tacoma. 5.9% ABV
    Table Sour with bing cherries

  • Finnriver Understory. 6.5% ABV
    Apple Cider with salal berries & aged with red cedar staves

  • 2017 Fremont Bourbon Barrel-Aged Darkstar: Coffee Edition. 14.5% ABV

  • Garden Path The Subtle Blend. 7% ABV
    A blend of foudre-fermented beer refermented in upright puncheons with fresh, organic raspberries from Viva Farms and mature, barrel-aged beer, naturally conditioned with blackberry honey from The Valley’s Buzz.

  • Georgetown Barrel Aged 18LB Porter. 9.2% ABV
    This imperial version of our 9lb Porter is a blend of beer aged six and twelve months in Maker's Mark and Heaven Hills barrles. Bourbon and vanilla notes from barrel aging intensify the plush roasted and chocolate notes and aromas, making this a winter sipper sure to please.

  • Holy Mountain Midnight Still with Turkish coffee & cardamom. 13% ABV
    This is our “Turkish Coffee” blend that incorporates stock of imperial stout aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels for 17 months and 12 months. The blend was then transferred into a stainless tank and aged with coffee and cardamom.

  • Matchless Fruitcake Bbl-Aged Old Ale. 9.8% ABV

  • 2018 North Fork Electric Strawberryland Bbl-Aged Sour ’18. 6.9% ABV

  • Propolis Blue Huckleberry. 7% ABV
    Saison aged in Sangiovese & Cabernet barrels with wild blue huckleberries.

  • 2018 Reuben’s Brews Bourbon Barre-aged Imperial Stout. 11.9% ABV

  • Seapine Sky Dad. 8.5% ABV
    Imperial Stout aged in Westland whiskey barrels

  • Skookum Scary Joy. 9.8% ABV.
    Barrel-aged Imperial Oatmeal Brown Ale with Coconut

  • Standard Jethro. 9.3% ABV
    Porter aged with Brett

  • Stoup “Why”. 11% ABV
    Cognac puncheon-aged Stock Ale with brett. Brewed in collaboration with Horus Aged Ales in Oceanside, California

  • Structures Devoid. 3.4% ABV
    Oak-fermented berliner weisse

  • Varietal When Gravity Fails. 10% ABV
    American-style Double Stout, aged in Dry Fly Triticale whiskey & Woodinville bourbon barrels.

In addition to the draft-list, there will be special menu items to pair with whatever’s in your glass. Doors open 11 am tomorrow with each evening concluding at 12 am, with the exception of Friday and Saturday (at 2 am). Brouwer’s Cafe is located at 400 North 35th Street in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood.