Gigantic Brewing Company announces their upcoming 2019 releases

Fast off of 2018, Gigantic Brewing has announced their upcoming releases for 2019.

image courtesy Gigantic Brewing Company

If there's a collaboration theme, it's Cascadia and beyond with future brewery collaborations with Seattle-based Holy Mountain and Reuben's Brews, Yakima's Bale Breaker Brewing, British Columbia favorites Brassneck and Parallel 49. In addition to the Pacific Northwest, Gigantic Brewing is teaming up Texas's Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company.

Besides collaborations, Gigantic has promoted their Sassy Pony Hoppy Pale to year-round availability, alongside favorites Gigantic IPA, Koslchtasti and Ginormous DIPA. Of course, throughout the year, you can also expect small-batch beers released throughout the year as well as returning seasonals like Most Most Premium Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout, and the multi-variant release of MASSIVE! Barrel-aged Barleywine aged with bourbon barrels, rum barrels, cognac barrels, mezcal barrels, Scottish Whisky barrels, port barrels, or maple syrup. Other returning favorites include plans to brew another batch of Sodbusted, Fres Hop Ale, in the Fall; made with Simcoe hops from Sodbuster Farms in the Willamette Valley

Additional brewery themes which will be used throughout 2019 include Dance (with The Time Warp, The Hustle, The Tighten Up, and The Shimmy & Shake; the Brett Cellar Series) and Brett (with additional variations to their Fantastic Voyage Brett Saison made with everything from Pinot Noir, to Dry-hopping).

Finally, the brewery enjoyed brewing The Cat Ate My Stash & Pissed On the Xmas Tree, that they will be brewing it again for a late Fall early Winter release.

For up to date news and Gigantic Brewing releases follow us in 2019.