Start 2019 at Stoup Brewing Company's New Year's Day Celebration

Taking more walks, drinking more water, watching less television, cutting back on social mediate. These are just a few of the resolutions that no doubt people will be proposing for the start of 2019. But if you’re still pondering what give up into 2019, then maybe a stop at Seattle’s Stoup Brewing is in order.

Starting at 12 pm and throughout the evening until 7 pm, Stoup is hosting their annual New Year’s Day Celebration. All that is asked of you is the willingness to enjoy free chili while sipping on pints of Stoup beer complimented with your favorite January 1st college football bowl game. Did we mention the brewery owners and staff will be the ones making the chili?

Need a second opinion on why you should be in attendance? Here’s what owners Lara Zahaba, Robyn Schumacher, and Brad Benson are bringing to the celebration.

“I’m planning to make a Traditional Chili, a Chicken Chile Verde, and Red Beans and Rice,” said Lara Zahaba, co-founder, Stoup Brewing. “My go to cold weather beer is our Robust Porter, and it will go well with any one of these. I love the richness of porter and how it can stand up to moderate spice.”

“Red Pork Pozole is my absolute favorite, but I’ll also make a Traditional Chili for the purists in the crowd,” said Robyn Schumacher, brewer and co-founder, Stoup Brewing. “I’ll be drinking our Zoigl Bier. It’s a crisp, clean lager so it will cut the richness of the pork and stand up to the robust flavors of the pozole, plus it’s malt forward and has just enough hop bitterness to complement the spiciness.”

“My go to game day food is Pork Chile Verde,” said Brad Benson, head brewer and co-founder, Stoup Brewing. “I plan on eating bowl after bowl, alongside a nice crisp glass of our German Style Pilsner. It’s a full day of football, so I go light with my beer choice.”

Stoup Brewing Company is located at 1108 NW 52nd Street in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood.

About Stoup Brewing Company

Founded in 2013 by Brad Benson, Lara Zahaba, and Robyn Schumacher, Stoup Brewing is a family friendly craft brewery located in Ballard’s Brewery District. Revered for their dedication and innovation to the art and science of making beer, Stoup has a garnered numerous awards and a devoted following. With up to 21 beers on tap, an inviting year round beer garden, private event space, and a rotating selection of food trucks, Stoup is a welcoming destination for the beer enthusiast of every level. Root beer fans welcome too! Stoup opens weekdays at 3pm and weekends at 12pm. To learn more, visit

Stoup Brewing is located at 1108 NW 52nd Street in Seattle, Washington.