Pike Brewing updates their canned offerings with the release of Space Needle IPA, Kilt Lifter, Monk's Uncle, and Pike IPA.

As part of their Canniversary, celebrating 29 years of Pike in the Pacific Northwest, the brewery announced the release of four new canned beers. With names like Space Needle, Kilt Lifter, Monk’s Uncle, and IPA; the beers may sound familiar but their likenesses might look different when wrapped in a 12 ounce can.

Long-time Pike fans will recognize the new design's through-line. "The star, as well as the sweeping font, have been part of the Pike brand since its inception, appearing on labels since 1989," says co-founder and logo designer Charles Finkel."We modernized our packaging while maintaining a connection to our our history. Rose Ann and I are proud that Pike Brewing Company continues to grow and evolve, as the goal is for Pike to become a 100-year-old independent brewery."

More on the beers

Pike Kilt Lifter Scotch Style Ale

Layers of sweet malt, reminiscent of caramel and toffee, are followed by peat-smoked flavors making this versatile beer the best-selling in Pike Brewing’s history. Pike Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale pours a ruby-amber color with its rich malts drawing your attention and finishing with slight piney hop character.  

Pike Space Needle IPA

Generously brewed with four varieties of Yakima Valley aroma and flavoring hops, Pike Space Needle Golden IPA is full of citrus, pine and floral hop flavors. We then dry hop it with whole-cone Summit, Mosaic and Centennial hops, which impart a floral aroma that has catapulted this beer to one of Pike Brewing customer’s favorite IPA’s. Evocative of the Northwest’s beer culture, Space Needle IPA was chosen from over a dozen local brews to commemorate the Space Needle’s 50th anniversary. 

Pike Monk’s Uncle Tripel Ale

Pour a Pike Monk’s Uncle and you’ll be greeted by full-bodied nose of fruity and exotic esters. Dry, light and extra crisp, this golden colored Tripel will win you over with hints of honey and spice from organic malts, local hops and Belgian ale yeast. 

Pike IPA

Citra hop flavor shines through in this expertly balanced IPA with just the right amount of bitterness. Pike IPA uses local hops to its advantage, artfully mixing citrus and modern tropical fruit flavors with a clean and light malt character. Pike IPA started introducing people to its style in the early 90’s and is now updated to reflect today’s beer drinkers love of hops. Pouring light golden in your glass, Pike IPA is brewed to be an all-day drinking IPA, pairing well with food while keeping your hop craving palate satisfied.

Look for canned-editions of Pike’s Space Needle IPA, Pike Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale, Monk’s Uncle Belgian-style Tripel, and their flagship Pike IPA at The Pike Pub or wherever you find Pike Brewing beers.