Pike Brewing announces limited vintage releases and Pike Puget Pilsner

As the Christmas holiday season fast approaches, it’s important to support local businesses whenever possible. For those who hail from the 206 area code, this inspires trips to the Nordic neighborhood of Ballard, the self-proclaimed center of the universe known as Fremont, or the world famous Pike Place Market.

For this writer, a trip to the market is never complete without a visit to the Pike Brewing Company either at their restaurant and beer museum or the recently opened Tankard & Tun. Which is probably why I’m excited about the prospect of purchasing vintage bottles of Old Bawdy barley wine, Entire, Kilt Lifter, and see if they still have Oaked Pear Sour still on draft. Oh, you didn’t hear about this?

Starting with Pike Old Bawdy barley wine, the brewery is happy to announce bottles in the following years with included tasting notes.

  • 1997: Amaro, cocoa nibs, and figs.

  • 2006: Black cherry, coffee, bitter chocolate.

  • 2007: Ruby port, pipe tobacco, dried currant

  • 2008: Apricot, melon, coffee bean

  • 2009: Tawny port, apricot, almond

  • 2010: Shortbread, malt, vanilla

  • 2011: Plum, blackberry, black tea

  • 2012: Soft caramel, tobacco, leather

  • 2013: Caramel, dried fig, stewed persimmon

  • 2014: Apricot seed, toffee, pine

  • 2015: Brown sugar, peaches, candied citrus

  • 2016: Floral hop, treacle, stone fruit.

image courtesy Pike Brewing Company

image courtesy Pike Brewing Company

More about Pike Old Bawdy Barley Wine

With a selection spanning decades, Pike Old Bawdy is beer history in a bottle. Dark mahogany in color with rich, sweet complexity, younger vintages of Pike Old Bawdy boast heady herbal aromas while older vintages have developed prized characteristics akin to port or amaro.

Next up, the brewery will feature draft-editions of their Pike Entire wood-aged stout. Be on the lookout for both the 2015 & 2017 editions with bottles of their 2015 available in limited quantities.

More about Pike Entire

Pike Imperial Stout aged in Woodinville Whiskey Co. bourbon barrels, then blended with Pike XXXXX Stout. The result is notes of bitter chocolate with overtones of vanilla and wood from time spent in the barrel.

Finally, the brewery is happy to remind you about the recently released Wood-Aged Kilt Lifter, Scotch ale, aged in Dry Fly Distillery barrels. Look for their 2018 edition on draft and in bottles at the pub.

image courtesy Pike Brewing Company

image courtesy Pike Brewing Company

More on Pike Wood-Aged Kilt Lifter

Pike Kilt Lifter, Pike’s most popular beer is aged in Dry Fly Distilling barrels. Pike Wood-Aged Kilt Lifter starts with the sweet and spicy notes of bourbon, wheat, and triticale whiskeys, and finishes smoothly with full malt character and a hint of smoke. A chest warming treat for winter!

Besides barrel-aged and vintage beers, don't forget to try their latest lager, Puget Pilsner.

Pike Puget Pilsner is a refreshing answer to winter’s hearty cuisine, and a perfect pairing for the height of oyster season. Featuring Cashmere, a late-addition hop developed by Washington State University for its low bitterness, tropical and citrus character, Pike Puget Pilsner has notes of melon, sweet lemon, and hints of grapefruit.

Look for bottles and pints of Puget Pilsner to start showing up this December.

For more information on Pike Brewing Company beers or their restaurant visit https://www.pikebrewing.com/ or Tankard & Tun at https://www.pikebrewing.com/tankard-tun/.

About Pike Brewing Company

Pike Brewing Company is an independent brewery founded in 1989. Located in Seattle's historic Pike Place Public Market neighborhood, Pike Brewing Company is home to The Pike Pub andTankard & Tun