Like the transition from Summer to Fall, Deschutes Jubelale returns.

Science teaches us that it takes the earth 365 days to complete a revolution around the Sun. During this period, the inhabitants of this blue orb are entertained as nature's colors transition from Winter's minimalism to Spring and Summer vibrant hues, before slowly fading into brown, red, and orange. In an era filled with a cacophony of distractions, there is something soothing about nature's year-long metamorphosis.

Like nature, breweries across the country produces beers that compliment the feelings inspired by Earth's continually evolving color spectrum from the dark Winter Ale to the refreshing Light Lager or the pleasing Oktoberfest. Not one to miss an opportunity to celebrate the oncoming winter, Deschutes Brewery is happy to announce the annual return of Jubelale.

For the uninitaitedJubelale is summed up as a robust with notes of cocoa, dried fruit, toffee, and warming spice. At 6.7% ABV and 65 IBU, Jubelale will inspire thoughts of crisp evenings, relaxing in front of an outdoor bonfire, while pondering hikes in the foothills or playing in mountain snow.

Unlike the employees who've worked and departed Deschutes Brewery, Jubelale has remained unchanged both in ingredients and intended sensory characteristics. That's saying something when you consider the beer is now in its 31st bottling.