The first Miir Lab funded growler is released, here is our honest review.

The first Miir Lab funded growler is released, here is our honest review.

Can we be honest with another for a second? When's the last time you said to yourself "we really need a reusable container for all those parties we go to so frequently."? If you answered yes to this question then this review might come in handy, especially if you're on the fence regarding which vessel works best for you. In the interest of disclosure, because the FTC insists we say this, we received a complimentary growler from the generous folks at Miir. Which means we didn't pay for this which also means we will repeat a phrase "call a spade a spade".

Our review will be much like any beer review with some obvious differences. We will be reviewing this growler concerning its design, construction, and security. In addition, we used the following controls to simulate near-real-world experiences should you use this growler for hosting and transporting beer.

Materials used for our review:

  • 2 33.8 bottles of San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water, with an approximate PSI of 10, stored at 38 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 1 tablespoon of McCormick’s red food-grade coloring
  • 1 standard, plastic, Igloo brand cooler.
  • 1 67 degree basement

Design and Construction: Reviewing the stainless steel version, the first thing we note is the attached handle suspended while attached to the mouth of the growler. Taking it into our hand you can see there are few parts required in its construction. All told there are approximately 4 - 6 (if you count the metal dowels) pieces required. Under closer examination, it's clear the growler doesn't use a rubber membrane compared to other hinged lids. If there was any drawback it might be the use of a hard-plastic buckle as this can, through stress, eventually fail. Overall we enjoyed the look and feel of the Miir Lab funded growler especially when compared to similar (hinged) products from other companies.

Security: As someone who bought into the insulated-growler craze, we know too well about the fatal flaw surrounding insulated growlers that use plastic-threaded caps on metal screws. The flaw is associated with getting a strong seal. If you can recall the simple science lesson that molecules expand as they warm up, then you understand that when a bottle (filled with carbonated beer) warms up, the air inside needs to expand. This results in pressures pushing against the lid, which unfortunately cannot contain the air, and the beer escapes, often with messy results in the form of seepage.

Miir’s hinge-topped bottle doesn’t suffer this flaw because it doesn’t rely on a screw-top cap. Instead, the employment of a hinge not only contains the pressure during our test but we witnessed the water bubbling to life after being re-exposed to the outside air. In addition to maintaining (mostly) the air pressure of the fluid, the temperature was approximately 45 degrees, after being examined three days later. Overall we have to say we were impressed with the carbonation, the lack of seepage, and the temperature.

Overall thoughts: Worth purchasing if this is your first, insulated hinge-top, growler. Even if you ignore their charitable giving or B-Corp status, this still makes the Miir Lab funded growler a valued companion on your way to the beach, a hike, or the backyard to enjoy a few pints.

Finally, a history lesson about the manufacturer

Started in 2009 by Bryan Pape, Miir is the result of a single person's commission toward not only redefining something as innocuous as a water bottle but also what it means to be a charitable business. Besides producing water bottles, Miir also designs and sells apparel, journals, bags, and even bicycles. So far this sounds like a bike shop or a REI but the comparisons fall off when you consider that for every sale 5% goes towards one of the following charities.

  • Splash
  • Water1st
  • One Day's Wages
  • America SCORES Seattle
  • Boise Bicycle Project
  • World Bicycle Relief
  • Bike Works

Add to this a willingness to be completely transparent in their support of charities, Bryan Pape and Miir have been recognized as a certified B Corporation, which recognizes for-profit companies and their support of non-profits. We've included a link to Miir's reaction basis for applying for and receiving B Corporation certification.

So what's this got to do with a growler? Well nothing really, if you're one who doesn't concern yourself with who benefits from your purchase of something so generic as a growler. Which is why Miir reached out to us to remind us that although there are numerous growler retailers and manufacturers, like their company philosophy, their products are unique.

About the Miir Lab funded Growler
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