Similar name, same ownership, coming soon - Feckin Brewery & Smokehouse. Reopening July 1st, with an expanded smokehouse menu.

Logo 'borrowed' from New School, since we were too lazy to get it from the brewery

Feck. A curious word if you're not Irish. Is it slang? Is it profanity? Who knows! We just like the sound of it! Which is probably why we've had a soft spot for the brewery with the similar name, Feckin Brewery.

Today, the brewery is happy to announce a renaissance of sorts, with the announce re-re-un-retiring of chef Dave Maher who will be providing smoked meats, made with Cherry Wood. Introducing Feckin Brewery & Smokehouse, open Thursday - Saturday from 3 pm to late. Doors re-open July 1st with all ages welcome.

Re-re-un-retiring? Feckin Brewery? What's a Feckin Brewery? Funny you should ask.

Located south of Portland, along 205, lies a brewery founded 2010 by the Maher family including Mark and Dave. The brewery was the expansion on nearby Mahers Irish Pub, of Lake Oswego. Unlike some of its contemporaries, this rathskeller was birthed out of years strolling along the moss-covered roads of Ireland. Truth be told, it was Dave Maher who started the family business as it were back in 1983.

It all started at the Burlington Hotel Dublin and continued at the Britannia Hotel in London's Grovnor Sq. before Dave completed the trifecta of learned knowledge in London's Hotel Marble Arch. Having nourished his mind and the stomachs of guest through Ireland the UK, Dave opened his first restaurant along Abby Street in Dublin in 1983. It wasn't long before he would immigrate to the United States, in 1989, before exchanging his cloth apron for one a bit sturdier as he undertook the skilled work as a builder. 

Before long, the urge to serve and entertain inspired another business venture in the form of Mahers Irish Pub located in Lake Oswego. Along with Mark Maher, graduate from the University of Montana and fisherman, the Maher family ensured Mahers Irish Pub's legacy while simultaneously inspiring the opening of Fecking Brewery in 2010. Dave eventually would retire from cooking at Mahers Irish Pub, but his legacy would remain in the memories of customers and family members who enjoyed his food and no doubt stories of youth and life in Ireland.

In addition to meats like brisket, smoked turkey, smoked pork, and of course sausage; the brewery will be featuring the following beers:

  • IRA. 6.00% Alcohol By Volume | 50 IBU. 
  • IPA. 6.20% Alcohol By Volume | 60 IBU
  • Irish Oatmeal Porter 5.80% Alcohol By Volume | 30 IBU
  • Dublin Pale. 5.80% Alcohol By Volume |  45 IBU
  • Whiskey Barrel Aged Espresso Horchata Porter. 8.50% Alcohol By Volume | 15 IBU
  • Top O' The Feckin Mornin Imperial Espresso Milk Porter. 9.50% Alcohol By Volume | 15 IBU
  • Arnold Feckin Palmer. 4.80% Alcohol By Volume | 20 IBU
  • The Feckin Amber. 5.80% Alcohol By Volume | 30 IBU
  • Wee Fecker. 4.80% Alcohol By Volume | 20 IBU

For a copy of their menu, they've been kind enough to offer one here

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