Northwest breweries react to Wicked Weed's sale to Anheuser-Busch, by opting out of this year's Funkatorium.

In case you missed the news, from the East Coast, Ashville's Wicked Weed Brewing has sold their business to Anheuser-Busch. -source,

“This is an exciting time for the entire brewing team,” said co-founder Walt Dickinson. “Our ability to create a wide range of really well executed beers that are focused on creativity, quality and drinkability is what makes Wicked Weed great. We have chosen to partner with The High End to position ourselves to make Wicked Weed what we imagined it could be when we first sat at a craft beer bar and talked about opening a brewery. As a brewer, giving our team more resources to continue innovating our portfolio and the ability to reach more craft drinkers, allows us to keep putting the beer and the people first.” -Press Release from High End (aka Anheuser-Busch) and Wicked Weed

As recently as yesterday, breweries have reacted to the sale by Wicked Weed to Anheuser-Busch (aka, AB/InBev) in the form of discontinued collaborations and de-registration/declinations to the annual Wicked Weed wild/sour festival known as Funkatorium.

"Now in its fourth year, Wicked Weed Funk Invitational is a gathering of sour and wild ales from across the country featuring wwwwell established and up and coming breweries that are paving the way for sour and wild craft beer."

“We believe strongly in this craft and the cause it supports,” states Head Blender, Walt Dickinson. “We want to be a voice moving the conversation about sour beer forward in the Southeast. Wicked Weed Funkatorium Invitational's goal is to bring breweries, who are dedicated to the craft of sour beer from all across the country into our own back yard to showcase the full potential of American barrel-aged sour and wild ales.” -Wicked Weed's Funkatorium

We reached out to breweries in Washington and Oregon, associated with the event and we got the following reactions, after the announcement by Wicked Weed.

"Cascade Brewing has decided to decline the opportunity to participate in the 2017 Funkatorium Invitational. We felt that due to the recent announcement, it was in our best interest to not be a part of this year’s event.” -Cascade Brewing Barrel House
"We will not be participating in this year's Funkatorium Invitational. That said, our friendship with the Wicked Weed family will remain unchanged." -Ecliptic Brewing Company
"I understand and respect Wicked Weed's business decision but as a result, de Garde will not be attending the Funkatorium Invitational."-Linsey Rogers, owneer of De Garde
"We are extremely disappointed that they sold to AB and won't be attending. We want nothing to do with anything AB related and believe they are a cancer to our industry."-Breakside Brewery

Holy Mountain Brewing, did not respond and have not publicly shared their reaction via their social media affiliates. 

In addition to Cascade, Ecliptic, and De Garde, more than 25 breweries including a few on the West Coast have opted out.

As of today, Wicked Weed has announced they will update the list of attendees, refund previously purchased tickets, and restart ticket pre-sales on May 20th. Special thanks to for getting ahead of this developing story.

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