Fernie Brewing proceeds with expansion, after April 17th.

Press Release

After a busy winter and summer fast approaching, there are some expansion plans for FBC in the works. Weather dependant, we are looking to start the below additions, in stages, after Easter weekend, Monday April 17th.

Tasting Room & Store

As you know, we offer Beer Tastings, Growler fills, packaged product and merchandise. However we have limited space at present to house all of this, and so as such, we are expanding our Tasting Room & Store area. We aren’t altering our limited service in anyway, however the additional space will increase our seating and allow for more circulation space, in our currently very cramped Tasting Room. As part of this project, we’re also adding to our office space upstairs.


We are also expanding our Warehouse, for more storage & tank space. Panic not, our Packaging & Production will not be impacted and it will be business as usual on the Production side of things throughout!

Where to Buy?

Unfortunately, the store will be CLOSED during the renovation.  As such, we will be directing Store Customers to our local accounts to purchase our Packaged Product, offering Tastings at local Liquor Stores.  Meanwhile, Giv’Er Shirtworks has kindly agreed to sell our merchandise while we are closed, so we will be directing traffic to them for a selection of shirts, crewnecks and trucker hats. Plus we will be offering FREE SHIPPING to Canadian Customers through our Online Store during the renovation, with a number of online promotions throughout this period.

We expect our Tasting Room to be closed for around 8 weeks, with further communication to follow, once we have an expected opening date. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused during this period, however production will not be affected and our Order Desk/Offices remain open throughout.

If you have our opening hours online, or you are putting together any print material at this time, we ask that you alter our hours to something along the lines of, “FBC’s Tasting Room & Storefront is closed from Monday April 17th for renovations, for approximately 8 weeks. Please head to www.ferniebrewing.com for info on where to buy, or call 250.423.7797.

Thanks in advance for your help in spreading the word, and we look forward to showing you our new and improved space in coming weeks!

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