A Hoosier returns to Seattle to assume the role of Head Brewer at Big Time Brewery. Welcome back, Bradley Zimmerman.

Almost 30 years ago, at a time when the world was obsessing about The Cold War and 2 Olympics, a fledgling brewery opened along Seattle's University Avenue. At the helm was a former homebrewer from Long Island, who, after conversing with two brothers, agreed to manage a small brewery in the Pacific Northwest. The name of that brewer was Ed Tringali and the brewery's name was Big Time Brewery. The year was 1988.

Nearly three decades later, much of what made Big Time Brewery and Alehouse remains, albeit worn around the edges, with its water-stained windows, varnish-less tables, and a brewery which hasn't seen a makeover since it boiled to life 28 years ago. 

In its nearly 30 years, the brewery has hosted a total of 7 head brewers and numerous assistant brewers. Reviewing old brewer's logs, one would see the notable names of Cantwell, Jenkins, Forhan, Cluley, Kannarr, Myhre, and now Zimmerman.

Bradley Zimmerman then head brewer at Tow Yard Brewing, featured in the article The Right Scruff: Best Beards in the Indy Beer Scene
Photo by Tony Valainis and used with permission from the Indianapolis Monthly

Born in the Hoosier State, Bradley Zimmerman emerged on the scene on a cold November 29th. Having grown up just outside of Indianapolis, he has a love of IU basketball and all things Indiana. He brings to Big Time over 10 years of industry experience, working as a bartender in Chicago, an assistant bottler and brewer at Elysian Brewing Company, bartender at Brouwer's Cafe, and finally assistant brewer at Big Time. In addition to many supporting roles, Bradley also held head brewer positions at two breweries in Indianapolis before immigrating back to Seattle in March.

Along with brewing experience, Bradley brings with him a newlywed wife, a newborn pup, a love of outdoor recreations, and college sports. Besides sports and hiking, he is also a fast fan of music, waffling between genres like Jazz or bands like Phish. A fun note about his love of college sports, he's both a University of Michigan football supporter and IU basketball. Chalk this up to a childhood spent mocking his father's love of sports, namely the Notre Dame Irish. So don't be surprised to see him sporting a Michigan M hat, especially during the months associated with Autumn.

Now officially settled back into Seattle, Zimmerman has already brewed and released a "New England-style" IPA, as a show of support for what he thinks visitors might expect from Big Time Brewery. Be you a regular or a first-time imbiber, you're encouraged to stop in and try one of Bradley's beers. If you're lucky, you might learn more about the brewer who started as an assistant before becoming only the eighth head brewer at the Big Time Brewery. 

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