Washington Beer Awards reminds breweries to get their beers in before the deadline.

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Press Release

The fifth Annual Washington Beer Awards is off and rolling and there are just under two weeks left to register your brewery and entries for the 2017 competition.  The registration window is open through March 31st with entry drop-offs due from May 5th to May 19th.  There is still plenty of time to get registered and time the brewing and bottling your beers for optimal submission. 
During the registration window you can update your profile, register your entries, add or delete entries, and make alterations to categories or specialty information to make the most out of your submissions.  After the registration period we will contact you to confirm your entry submissions and provide you all of the details you need to get your beers presented to the judging panels.
Part of our mission with the Washington Beer Awards is to help brewers determine the best ways to enter your beers in our and other competitions.  Having judged in professional competitions like the Great American Beer Festival, we understand the nuances of entry submission that are critical for making sure that a great beer finds its way to medal contention.  If you need advice or help during the registration process, you can contact us and we will be happy to provide guidance on submitting your entries to help ensure the best judging of your brews. 
The competition will be held in late May, in advance of the registration periods for competitions like the Great American Beer Festival.  This helps support brewing and entry decisions, increasing your chances of attaining national recognition.  Medals will be provided to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners and special awards will be provided to breweries with many winning beers at an awards announcement at the Washington Brewers Festival on June 17th in Redmond. 
The 2016 competition brought in 950 entries from breweries all over the state and presented over 170 awards to Washington brewers.  We expect the competition to grow this year permitting even more award categories and special awards including a Pro-Am competition along with the Best Washington Agricultural Product Inspired Beer, Best Washington Malt Beer, and recognition of the Washington Breweries of the Year.
Complete details on the entry process and the results for the Washington Beer Awards are available at www.wabeerawards.com.  You can sign up to be kept in the loop on competition updates on the website, our e-mail list, and our Facebook page.
Thanks for keeping Washington full of outstanding local beer and we hope to have the privilege of recognizing your beers at our awards ceremony in a few months!
Mark Emiley and Peter Twigg
Washington Beer Awards

Key dates for the 2017 Washington Beer Awards:

March 1st - March 31st: Online Registration is open
April 5th-14th: Entry Confirmation: Breweries will receive email confirmation of their entries
April 15th: Invoices for Entry Fees and Bottle Labels will be mailed to participating breweries
May 5th - May 19th: Entry drop-off/mailing window
May 19th: Entry Fees Due
June 3rd: Blind Judging
June 17th: Awards Ceremony - Washington Brewers Festival, Redmond, WA (time will be announced to brewers)

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