Snoqualmie Falls Brewery releases Ghostwood Kolsch

image courtesy Snoqualmie Falls Brewing

Press Release

Snoqualmie, Washington –Snoqualmie Falls Brewing is excited to release its Ghostwood Kolsch to the Washington market on March 24th, 2017. Previously only available in the Snoqualmie Valley, this refreshing, German-style Kolsch will be in widespread distribution in time for the May 21st premiere of the new David Lynch Twin Peaks series on Showtime. This beer is a great warm weather solution for craft beer lovers, and those who shy away from heavy, bitter ales. Ghostwood is 4.9% ABV and is brewed to 26 IBUs with a grist of Pale Two-row malt and wheat, and German Spalt hops to create a lively, effervescent flavor. Ghostwood is excellent paired with the bright and light foods of summer such as barbecued chicken, grilled zucchini and fruit salad.

Ghostwood is the brainchild of Kyle Twede, of Twede’s T café, appearing as the Double R Diner in the Twin Peaks series. Kyle worked with a designer on the label, which contains elements fans of the show will immediately recognize. Kyle says “We get a lot of customers in Twede’s because of the show, and a lot of them stop here as a part of a Twin Peaks related tour of our Valley. It seemed like a natural thing for us to have a beer for sale related to the show.” Dave Eiffert of Snoqualmie Falls brewing adds, “We were honored and excited that Twede’s approached us to partner on this project. I see people almost daily taking pictures in our Valley of sites from the show, so I know their response to the beer will be really strong. Besides, Kolsch beers are a style underrepresented in the craft brewing industry, so we believe it will be well received by most craft beer lovers”.    

The Snoqualmie Falls Brewery began operation in 1997 and opened the Taproom for beer tasting and family dining in April 2006.


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