Belltown Brewing invites all to try their recently brewed beers, made in-house.

Metamorphosis is the best description this writer can come up with when recalling my first visit to Belltown Brewing. Previously called Bell & Whete and under the same ownership, Belltown Brewing recently announced the release of their first beers, brewed in their 4-barrel brewery.

With names like Speakeasy IPA (an homage to the address's prohibition heritage), Watermain Amber (named after one of the few primary water mains in the city), and Local Lager, the brewery is hoping neighbors and visitors will appreciate enjoying a truly local beer in the Belltown neighborhood.  It also helps that these three flagship beers pair well with menu items designed and orchestrated by chef Garrett Brown, of Branzino fame.

Belltown Brewing's head brewer Adam Frentz

At the helm of this 4-barrel brewery is Adam Frantz, formerly of American Brewing. Besides work at American Brewing as their head brewer, Adam also worked at the ubiquitous Mac & Jack’s Brewing Company. An ex-pat from Vermont, Adam shares a passion not only for consistency but also experimentation, demonstrated in beers like his Bellfounder Pumpkin Porter (brewed in collaboration with Crucible Brewing from Everett, Washington) and Local Lager (inspired by German lagers but using a yeast strain found in Czech-style lagers).

Besides three flagships, Adam has created several limited-edition beers including Harvest Lager (recently released and made with Rye), Coffee Brown Ale (made with cold pressed coffee from Blue Star Coffee Roasters), Bell St Whete Raspberry, and Bellfounder Pumpkin Porter. 

But if none of these beers appeal to you, Adam is happy to guide you through your own brewing experience, which will mature in a 1 barrel fermenter in their pilot brewery. Afterward, you’re welcome to retrieve the beer from the brewery, before sharing it with co-workers, friends, family, or the random stranger.

Belltown Brewing is located at 200 Bell Street in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood and is open (most days) from noon to “late”. For more information, call or visit the brewery at

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