image courtesy Boston Beer
Press Release

Red ales became known as the symbol of Ireland’s rebellion and fight for independence from England. Inspired by the similarities to Samuel Adams, a hero of the American Revolution, the brewers at Sam Adams crafted an Irish Red characterized by a smooth malt backbone balanced by earthy English hops.

This hearty beer boasts a deep red color with aromatic notes of roasty caramel followed by malty, toasty and slightly sweet flavors. To achieve the comforting and satisfying profile the brewers were looking for, they used East Kent Golding and Fuggles hops to balance between earthy and citrusy notes. A sip of this robust brew is then finished with a smooth and rounded malt sweetness.

 Pairing with Food: Irish Red’s roasted caramel sweetness helps tame the heat of spicy sausage while complementing the meat’s savory richness.  Corned beef or ham are natural fits because the malt sweetness of the beer balances the meat’s saltiness and deepens the caramelized flavors.  This brew pairs well with classic desserts like Apple and Pecan pie.