Release: Northwest: Get It Now ... Samuel Adams Noble Pils

image courtesy Boston Beer
Press Release

Brewed using all five Noble hop varieties from the oldest hop growing regions in the world, Samuel Adams Noble Pils is a crisp golden Bohemian Pilsner full of bright hop character. Jim Koch, Samuel Adams Brewer and Founder, first brewed Noble Pils as a gift to his daughter for her wedding. Since its initial 2009 release, the beer has developed a cult following.

Noble Pils is a traditional Bohemian Pilsner with a deep golden color and citrusy hop aroma. The honeyed malt character from a special Bohemian spring barley is balanced by delicate yet pronounced citrus, floral, and piney notes from the Noble hops.

Of the more than 100 hop varieties in the world, only five are considered “Noble.” Noble hops are aroma hops as opposed to bittering hops and contribute greater hop aroma than hop bitterness to beer. They are the original lager-brewing hops grown only in Bavaria and the Czech Republic, where the environment (much like terroir for wine grapes) contributes to their prized aroma and flavor. Many hops used in brewing today are descendants of these original hops.

Each Noble hop variety in Noble Pils adds specific flavors and aromas to the brew:
  • Hallertau Mittelfrueh: lemony citrus 
  • and resinous pine notes 
  • Tettnang Tettnanger: citrus and spice notes
  • Spalt Spalter: floral and fruity notes
  • Saaz: fresh cut grass notes
  • Hersbrucker: slight herbal notes
Food Pairings: The bright hop character and crispness of Noble Pils is a perfect complement to the delicate flavors of smoked salmon, tuna, or sushi, but doesn’t overpower their flavors. The citrusy and floral hops also brighten the spice of an Indian curry.